New Player Driven Format: Voting on Basic Rules


A few weeks ago, I posted an article about a Player Driven Format similar to the Star Wars Players Committee here and we let the players decide whether we would continue to pursue this endeavor.  Of the votes received, 56.1% chose Yes and 21.1% chose Maybe. Today, we begin looking in …

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Choosing Our Path: 2016 Players Championship Series Story Choice


It has come to my attention that players not only want to continue to play the great, original game but they also want to continue to affect the storyline of L5R. As I wish to adhere to the items that Fantasy Flight Games has set forth, to do something like …

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The End Has Come and A Look To The Future


As of this past weekend, the last of the events of the AEG version of the Legend of the 5 Rings CCG have been completed. With that, the second longest running CCG has come to an official end. This year started out as a great year personally for me as I had found …

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Kage Sensei: Designing a Kenjutsu Kata


With our new downtime in L5R, I thought it was time to talk more about Kenjutsu Kata (also known as L5R cube) design and drafting.  We have so many cards now that are now obsolete, we need a good use for them.  Today’s lesson is about how to design your …

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Should We Take A Cue From The Star Wars CCG Player Committee?


With the death of the L5R CCG by AEG, I have had a thought recently about how to continue this version.  Obviously, with AEG no longer having rights to the IP and FFG stating to the effect that the game will change under there watch, normally this would be the …

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A Deathseeker and a Legend?: Let the rumors begin


The Kolat have kept their eyes and ears open. So there have been much news today.  Rumors that could be very interesting: Dave Williams, designer of the original L5R, LBS, and 7th Sea, left his job at Red 5 Studios, creator of Firefall, to start “an exciting new venture” Andy …

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