Kolat Information Network: 2015 Kotei Season


Many of you saw the announcement about the 2015 Kotei Season application being posted earlier this week.  What you may not know is that in the application itself was a spoiler of things to come.  You may choose to apply for a spring Kotei (February 14th through June 27th) or …

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Kage Sensei: Draft Q & A

Subversive Influence

Right then, it’s time to answer some of your burning questions! I’d like to thank everyone who submitted questions and AEG for kindly supplying the booster box that will be given to our winner’s store. Now let’s get to it! Q. What is a good minimum to draft L5R with? …

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Kage Sensei: TNO Uncommon & Rare Draft Review

A New Alliance

Welcome back to my The New Order set review. In this article I’m going to be going through the uncommons and rares in a slightly different format to the first part. Rather than sort it by card types I’ll be going through each rarity alphabetically and discussing the cards. At …

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Kage Sensei: TNO Commons Draft Review

The New Order set logo

Hello again, this is Simon Copp and welcome to part one of my The New Order set review. Most people tend to look at a new set with an eye to how it fits into constructed, I however always try to figure out what’s important in limited play and what …

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From the Sensei: Mantis Strategy for The New Order


by Julien Boles Unlike most of my esteemed colleagues in the Design Team, I never was a great tournament player before joining the team. Though I did win the occasional small tournaments here and there and often made Top 32/16, I have no big title to my pedigree. One of …

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Clan Letter: The Mantis Clan TNO


Samurai of Rokugan & the Colonies, We warned you that it would come to this. The other Great Clans have little place in the Colonies. You are ill suited to the rigors of this bold new world. The Mantis have been conditioned by a thousand years of freedom spent on …

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