Draft Day, A Goodbye and Previews

Hai Sensei!

It’s drafto time! Recently I procured a booster box of The Coming Storm, A Line In The Sand and The New Order as I wanted a collection for my brother and I to share as he has just began playing again after a long absence from the game. He loves …

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Revere the Past: Aftermath


The last expansion of the Emperor and Ivory dual bugged sets concludes the powerful remainder of the Emperor arc. Note: I am not covering cards that have been officially spoiled as part of 20 Festivals (aka the cards from The Currency of War) since they will never actually leave the environment. …

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#KolatInterference: Return to the old way #L5R did previews


Today, I decided to start a movement. Currently L5R players are chomping at the bit about 20 Festivals.  Normally, we would begin seeing previews for the set starting next week (since it is a large set).  However, when new sales and marketing lead, Josh Githens, took over at AEG, he decided …

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Card Evaluation


Welcome back to my little series here. I hope you’ve all had a merry Festivus without an overly long feats of strength. Apologies for the lateness of this article but I’ve had a lot going on so I had to postpone writing for a couple of weeks. I wanted to …

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Revere the Past: Gates of Chaos


The first traditional expansion of the Ivory Arc is up next. Of the 142 Ivory legal cards, 51 saw Ivory Arc play with several standout cards that will be both missed and hated at the same time. Exquisite Silk Works Holdings were the brunt of the dishonor hits early on …

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Revere the Past: Coils of Madness

Coils of Madness

While we wait for the release of 20 Festivals, let us look back upon the Coils of Madness through Aftermath sets, those that are rotating from Arc play with the release of 20 Festivals. Today we will take a look back at the set with the personalities with the highest …

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