An Ivory Draft Retrospective


Before the release of Twenty Festivals this weekend I wanted to take a little stroll down memory lane and reflect on each set’s cards, environments and keywords. This is going to be a pretty short effort from me but I hope it serves as both a farewell and a critique …

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Spring 2015 Kotei Season – Week 5 Report


The time has arrived! We have witnessed the official end of Ivory Edition in sanctioned tournament play. The Ivory Kotei have been interesting. We first saw the high powered remnants of Emperor Edition wreaking havoc on the Ivory environment, then later a somewhat more balanced environment as Strict became the …

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Communication in the Kotei Season


Welcome back, Before I get into the bulk of today’s article I’d like to remind you I’m still looking for your opinions about Twenty Festivals draft before it goes on sale at Stronghold stores. If you have anything you’d like to share please email me at sukuneATgmailDOTcom. Thank you. Today’s …

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Spring 2015 Kotei Season – Week 4 Report


Sorry for the late update, faithful Kolat Informant readers. Since it’s already late in the week I’ll keep this brief. Week 4 of the Kotei season was a small one with only one Kotei. The Lion Festival of the Kami saw the last Kotei in Ivory Arc in Calgary, Alberta, …

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Top 20 Reprints in Twenty Festivals


Well chosen reprints are the heart of every base edition (and now large midpoint edition). Twenty Festivals seems to be no exception to that rule.  There were over 200 cards that were reprinted in Twenty Festivals.  Each of those cards filled a particular role (whether that was draft or constructed).  …

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