Kolat Information Network: L5R during the In Flight Report at Gen*Con 2016

Banner at Gen*Con 2016

The following information from Fantasy Flight Games In Flight Report this year at Gen*Con came courtesy of our friends at Team Covenant. Now… L5R! pic.twitter.com/pYf8GAPunx — Team Covenant (@teamcovenant) August 5, 2016 Nothing to show for L5R yet… But Steve is up! @SteveGHorvath @FFGames pic.twitter.com/GPnlTM9tEP — Team Covenant (@teamcovenant) August …

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Journal of the Tiger: Daggers


In the month of the Dog in the Year 2016 by the Isawa Calendar This is normally a wonderful time of year.  Usually I am in Indianapolis this time of year for Gen*Con but do to L5R not being around this year, I decided to skip this year’s event. I …

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Final Haiku: A Gift from the L5R Story Team


For L5Rers out there: The Story Team has put together one final batch of fics as a gift to all of you. This fiction package is up at http://www.spookyelectriconline.com/L5R-OnyxDawn-LoRes.pdf for now, and will be going up on Kaze No Shiro for long term storage once we work out some technical …

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Shiro Big Deck Rules Update: Tanuki Edition


Our spies among the Clans found the following information posted by Antonio Calderon on the L5R Facebook group: A new edition and some changes for BigDeck: Hello folks. I’d like to share with you the official rulebook of BigDeck! There’s a link to this document at shirobigdeck.com as well. The …

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Another One Bites the Dust: Doomtown Reloaded Ends


Reports have come out recently about the ending of the Doomtown: Reloaded between AEG and Pinnacle Entertainment Group today via this article. June 21st, 2016 Dear Doomtown Community, After the release of Blood Moon Rising AEG will be ending production of the Doomtown ECG and handing Doomtown back to Pinnacle Entertainment …

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