From the Sensei: Mantis Strategy for The New Order


by Julien Boles Unlike most of my esteemed colleagues in the Design Team, I never was a great tournament player before joining the team. Though I did win the occasional small tournaments here and there and often made Top 32/16, I have no big title to my pedigree. One of …

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Clan Letter: The Mantis Clan TNO


Samurai of Rokugan & the Colonies, We warned you that it would come to this. The other Great Clans have little place in the Colonies. You are ill suited to the rigors of this bold new world. The Mantis have been conditioned by a thousand years of freedom spent on …

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Kage Sensei: Basics to Drafting L5R

Gates of the Second City Side A

Greetings, My name is Simon Copp. I’ve played from Gold until late Diamond and from Emperor onwards. I’m also a member of The 6th Ring streaming team, I mainly handle social media and promotion. I am an avid drafter being a long time Magic player with a strong local draft …

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2014 Regent to the Throne


The following information was found over at the Unicorn Clan forums posted by the winner Bartlomiej Chrobak.  He is planning on doing a full report later on, which will be imported here as well. As we were flying, and driving through the night.  I’m almost dead but one Unicorn Friend …

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Twenty Festivals Strongholds


News came out from L5R Worlds. The Large set (not quite a base set) in 2015 is Twenty Festivals.  In that set will be starter decks like a base set.  Most strongholds have been changed from Ivory Base.  Below are the strongholds printed in Twenty Festivals as spoiled at L5R …

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Most Hated L5R CCG Personality: Number 1


Most Hated L5R CCG Personalities Number 20 Number 19 Number 18 & 17 Number 16 Number 15 Number 14 Number 13 Number 12 Number 11 Number 10 Number 9 Number 8 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 There were absolutely zero cards that brought as much …

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