Shiro Big Deck Rules Update: Tanuki Edition


Our spies among the Clans found the following information posted by Antonio Calderon on the L5R Facebook group: A new edition and some changes for BigDeck: Hello folks. I’d like to share with you the official rulebook of BigDeck! There’s a link to this document at as well. The …

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Another One Bites the Dust: Doomtown Reloaded Ends


Reports have come out recently about the ending of the Doomtown: Reloaded between AEG and Pinnacle Entertainment Group today via this article. June 21st, 2016 Dear Doomtown Community, After the release of Blood Moon Rising AEG will be ending production of the Doomtown ECG and handing Doomtown back to Pinnacle Entertainment …

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TOH update on Cavalry Rules


A new update view Kwek to the TOH Rules regarding Cavalry: ANNOUNCEMENT [Cavalry] Cavalry has been a long-standing issue since the Rule Set rolled out. Unlike Naval, Blood Money, and ugh Gifting – we were looking at cards that have a huge chunk in the pool and was not designed …

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TOH Legacy Deck: The Great Walls of Rokugan

Great Walls 2

Now that you know about the TOH Legacy format, let’s talk more about what you can do. There is so much room for innovation with 20 years worth of cards. While I am more of a ‘Spike’ player, I do enjoy looking deep into deck design and love playing complicated decks. …

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The Obsidian Hand bans Moshi Eihime

Moshi Eihime

We received a report of a new addition to the Obsidian Hand ban list: This card had been placed on the Obsidian Hand’s watchlist.  It was initially abused at the time when we were utilizing Jose’s Eternal ruleset; however, given that it still works in Obsidian Hand, we needed to take …

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A Legacy Ruleset to Enjoy

The Obsidian Hand Ruleset

After some research, lengthy discussions, and a few games, I have hereby disband my attempt at creating a base ruleset.  The reason that I came to this conclusion is due to the fact that one already exists. As many of you know, there are groups who play legacy formats constantly. …

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