L5R LCG Print and Play Demo Decks

Now that we have had enough cards and rules spoiled, it is time to start playing some games.

Below are demo decks designed for each clan so far.  Each deck includes a Stronghold, 5 province cards (4 neutral, 1 in clan), a 30 card dynasty deck, and a 30 card conflict deck.  The list will be updated as new clans are spoiled.

7/9/17: I have pushed the columns closer together for better cutting and I have added an Imperial Favor card as well as 4 Dishonor and 4 Honored tokens to the last page of each deck.

7/16/17: Added Rings and First Player token page and updated the Crab deck with Kaiu Envoy, Rout and Levy.

Rings and First Player token – New 7/16/17

Crab Clan Demo Deck – Updated 7/16/17

Crane Clan Demo Deck

Dragon Clan Demo Deck

Lion Clan Demo Deck

Phoenix Clan Demo Deck – Updated 7/27/17

Scorpion Clan Demo DeckNew 8/25/17

Unicorn Clan Demo Deck – Updated 8/11/17

Happy Gaming!

Superior Strategist – Phoenix Clan Analysis

The Mystical Phoenix Clan. The Empire has many Shugneja but none understand magic better than the Phoenix Clan.  They also are the keepers of the Tao of Shinsei.  With this power and knowledge comes great responsibility.  Phoenix tend to be very pacifistic knowing they can unleash the fury of the…

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Superior Strategist – Dragon Clan Analysis

The enigmatic Dragon Clan. No clan is misunderstood by the Empire than the Dragon Clan.  They usually stay in their mountains and practice their techniques and meditate hoping to reach enlightenment.  Their monks always speak of wisdom but typically have that answer wrapped in a riddle.  When they intercede in…

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Journal of the Tiger – #GenCon50 Recap

Wednesday My sister came and picked me up and we headed north toward Indy up I-65.  When we arrived, we ate and headed over to the convention center to pick up our tickets, my badge from FFG, and get my mempo from Lisa Sell. Thursday I got to the Convention…

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Legend of the Five Rings The Card Game Core Set Unboxing

One of my agents within the confines of the Imperial Palace was able to get an unopened copy for use to unbox and go over some of the rules and changes from the CCG.  Here is the video below: -Yoritomo Arashi

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Truly #L5RHonored

A few weeks ago, Fantasy Flight Games held an #L5RHonored contest to invite players to a special event in London on Sept 2nd.  You can find my entry here. I even had some special tweets from folks about my entry: Can’t say enough good things about my former editor’s passion…

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Legend of the Five Rings LCG Preview – Utaku Infantry

Welcome to #UnicornWeek. After the grand return of the famed Ree Soesbee yesterday to the world of Rokugan, we continue with a preview card for the Unicorn.  While the Unicorn have the largest cavalry force in the Empire, our preview card today is actually a member of their infantry forces:…

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Forever Mantis #L5RHonored

My fascination with the Far East began at an early age.  Saturday mornings were not only for cartoons but also Kung Fu Theater.  While the terribly dubbed movies were certainly out of sync,  it was the action that I was interested in.  After that, I began studying martial arts as…

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Superior Strategist – Grand Master of the Elements

The name Legend of the Five Rings implies the importance of the Five Rings: In the classic L5R, you could win the game via Enlightenment (playing a copy of each ring via its game text), but most decks only played a couple of rings.  This made the name ‘Legend of…

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Superior Strategist – Lion Clan Analysis

Pardon the lateness of the article!  We were ambushed by the Crane! The Lion Clan is traditionally one of the most martially focused clans of the Great Clans of Rokugan, and stand as the Right Hand of the Emperor and lead his armies into war. Where the Crane Clan prefer…

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