L5R 20th Anniversary Countdown


Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the greatest CCG ever created (I know I’m biased :P) To begin the countdown to next year’s celebration at Gen*Con 2015, I decided to create a column about the history of L5R.  It is a column about countdowns with topics like: Most …

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Gempukku Series: An Introduction to Deck Building

The Topaz Armor Exp

Article Submitted by Tony Clayton Before we start, I will first link to a few articles from Strange Assembly’s Newbie Corner series.  These articles all deal with significant parts of the game and are worth a read for any new players as they cover key topics and strategic concepts that …

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Gen*Con 2014 Report: The Naga Awaken


The 13th day of the month of the Monkey The long journey to the Plains of the Maiden began.  For the next 4 1/2 days, players would be battling against the Dark Naga forces, sparring against others in friendly drafts, and competing for the ultimate title of North American Champion. I …

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 7 – The Dragon and The Tiger


On this episode of The Oni’s Eye, Brad returns from hiding and rejoins Casey as they discuss Gen*Con predictions. Our special guest, Fred Wan from the L5R Story Team stops by to discuss several Story topics including The Dark Naga and The Akasha, how each clan relates to the Iweko brothers, and …

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Kolat Information Network: The New Order

The New Order set logo

Our agents bring word of the third expansion of the Ivory Arc. Master Silk would like to thank Chris Sanderson for the information: In the heart of the Colonies, the two sons of the Divine Empress each make their case to the Great Clans concerning who should eventually succeed their mother and …

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