Vote for your Top 20 Personalities in Rokugan Lore


It’s time for some more input from you the players and fans of L5R. In this, the 20th year of the game, there have been some amazing stories and some amazing characters. Voting ends on May 16th

The Passion of Legend of the Five Rings


This Kotei Season has been one of the most exciting in recent memory. A Kotei season where the winner chooses to save Clan icons from a coming storm?  Bounties abound to try to save your Icons or get the Spider to corrupt other Icons?  A little Mantis – Scorpion action?  Even …

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Extra Life 2015

Extra Life Logo_Blue

  I am a very giving person (despite me being a Kolat in the game and story).  It is just how I was raised because helping others is its own reward. In October of 2015, I will participating in the Extra Life program to raise money for a local hospital, …

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The New Order

Hello all, I asked for some questions for this week and got two really good ones that are a departure from my usual draft fare. Enjoy. What are the biggest differences between European deckbuilding and American deckbuilding? Why are the philosophies so different between the game’s two largest competitive environments? – Monjoni …

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The Pincers and The Claws

Pincers vs Claws

It has come to my attention via one of our more prominent agents that we are being targeted by The Dojo of Lies: @Kolat_Informant Houston, we have a problem: — Daniel Briscoe (@DanielBriscoe) April 16, 2015   So in January the Scorpion Clan voted to use their points from …

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Koteis and Onyx


Afternoon Delight 6th April 2015 London, England The main event of the final show of the first ever CHIKARA pro wrestling U.K tour. Icarus, The Winged Ring Warrior The man who was on the brink of winning the CHIKARA Grand Championship when CHIKARA was destroyed by it’s enemies. The man …

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