Kolat Information Network: A Line in the Sand Previews

It is preview season once again and we love preview season here at The Kolat Informant. A Line in the Sand is the second expansion since Ivory Edition and we have had some interesting cards previewed so far.  But the following previews are certainly the most interesting to the Kolat …

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Kolat Objective: Return of the Naga


One of The Tiger’s Claw goals at Gen*Con 2014 is to be determined by the side event, Siege: Heart of Darkness. This event could conclude the events of The Dark Naga as well as what could happen to the Naga race in the game.  More information about the events at …

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Formation of an L5R Team, The Tiger’s Claw

Tiger Claw Logo White on Black

One of my aspirations as an L5R player was to affect the story of the game.  That can be difficult being only 1 person. As we all know, teams give you a better chance of accomplishing goals.  Look at the major examples in Legend of the Five Rings (The Dynasty, …

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2012 Scion of the Colonies

Scion of the Colonies

The following tournament report and deck list by Johann Silva was found over at the Ryoko Owari forum.  This is the translated version. Well, I do not remember all parties. It was three days intensive enough, with an average of 10 parts per day. I’ll try to update this post …

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