Kolat Information Network: A Line in the Sand & Siege Heart of Darkness

Kolat Information Network

One of our agents, Chris Sanderson, brought me the following message: In the unrelenting summer heat of the Colonies, tempers begin to fray as those with allegiance to Iweko Seiken and Iweko Shibatsu take an increasingly militant stance against those who disagree with their philosophies. While the heirs themselves do …


Gomorroa Dispatch: More News

Another message out of the Gomorra Dispatch today, as Mark Wootton, Doomtown: Reloaded Project Lead, posts more about Reloaded here at http://www.alderac.com/doomtown/2014/03/21/introductions-thanks/

Doomtown flyer GAMA

Welcome to Gomorra, CA

Welcome partner.  Time to load up yer six shooter again. Thanks to a post from the AEG forums, we have now found …