Emperor Edition Themes: Crab – Economic Warfare

Several weeks ago, AEG began releasing their planned themes for each clan for Emperor Edition.  Today, I begin a review of each of those themes.

Economic Warfare is a fairly new theme in L5R.  Right now the Mantis seem to have a monopoly on this theme.  Currently they employ an extortion theme by affecting gold cost of cards in play (Yoritomo Utemaro XP 2, Yoritomo Eihiko, and Yoritomo Eihiko XP) and using money to pay off other player’s cards (Paid Off, Yoritomo Ai, Yoritomo Manzo).  As a Kolat, I certainly like the way that Mantis have gained over the Arc with this new theme.

Maybe something like this with an honor loss instead of a gain?

Now, Crab will join in Economic Warfare.  Master Steel and Master Coin are doing well with this news.  With this new theme comes a new victory condition for the Crab clan: dedicated dishonor.

Certain clans have always had certain themes: Scorpion dishonor, Crane honor, Dragon Enlightenment.  This is new territory for the game and one that I completely approve of.  This certainly shows the Yasuki families roots here.  They have always been involved in trade and have always profited for themselves.  The idea that the Yasuki do what they must for the good of their clan (and for the good of the Kolat) certainly can has a dishonor feel to it.

I certainly think this would be fun to design and it opens up lots of unused design space.  I was looking at the modal Artisans have used over the past 2 Arcs as a starting point.  I can see cards that give out item tokens that ‘break’ during combat or duels causing the personality to be dishonored or an honor loss.  I could also see cards that increase province strength temporarily before the materials crumble causing a decrease in province strength and an honor loss if the province is destroyed. 

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