Emperor Edition Themes: Spider – Minions of the Shadow Dragon

I’m sure your wondering why the Kolat care about the Faceless Shadow?  Well, you must know how to fight which cannot be seen.

The last Open World Championships in L5R was the final battle at Oblivion’s Gate, where the Great Clans fought against the Shadow.  The event was won by Justin Walsh playing a Corrupt Phoenix deck using the Elemental Dragons and The Sacred Temples of the Phoenix.  During the finals he brought out the Air Dragon using the Temples ability to produce 7 gold and giving the Dragon the Shadowlands trait.  At the time, the empire had thought that had completely ended the shadow that had plagued them over the last few years.  They thought wrong.  When Justin tainted his Air Dragon in the finals, he had unknowingly produced the Shadow Dragon, continuing the line of the Faceless Shadow.

Nice ability! Don’t mind if I do!

The Shadow Dragon meddled in the affairs of Rokugan during the Gold, Diamond, and Lotus story Arc but hasn’t been hear from since…until now.

This theme is certainly new to the Spider.  They have had a couple of Goju printed before but nothing like the capacity that will be printed in Emperor Edition.  The Faceless Shadow should resemble something similar to the Hidden Emperor days of The Dark Path of the Shadow.  I certainly expect abilities like copying Force, Chi, Personal Honor, or abilities of characters in play.  I also expect to see abilities based on having higher Chi (bowing or straightening personalities with lower Chi, stealing characters with lower Chi), dueling, Ranged attacks (which will target Chi if it is a personality), and movement abilities.

The Faceless Shadow have returned, but be careful…they have the ability to blank your mind…What was I talking about?  Oh, never mind. 😉

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