Before the Dawn Preview: Asako Heiwa, Akodo Kobi Exp, Brothers in Battle and Too Close to Home

My apologize for rant day yesterday.  We all get worked up over stuff at times.  That is one reason I took a break during Celestial.

First up is countdown BtD preview and wow am I impressed.

Akodo Kobi Experienced is very expensive for Lion at 9 gold but she is worth every koku.  She has a trait where she gets quite large in a tactical based deck.  Her reaction will be a boon for Lion players.  Whenever another Lion Clan personality is destroyed by another player’s battle action, if that personality is dead, he comes back into play during your next End Phase ignoring cost and honor requirements.  Now she cannot use the ability as a reaction to her own death, so she will need protecting.  Right now, Duty is the first card that comes to mind (and Iron Will is the second).

From L5R Facebook page comes Asako Heiwa.  The theme the Path of Man was previewed many weeks ago and I wasn’t sure exactly how Design Team would approach it.

My only regret is that the Brotherhood of Shinsei didn’t have this guy back in the day.  4/3 for 7 seems good but check out the ability (as either a Battle or Open action) to pump or shrink another Personality or a Follower by his chi.

That’s one Monk who will humble you or kick your @$$.

Another countdown card is Brothers in Battle.

If this is the direction that Bushido / Dark Virtues are headed then I like the options.  Up to 3 of your personalities gain +1F and a Range 4 attack while in an army with at least 1 or more of the others.

I certainly feel like that it will get played more as an Open action (allowing you to get at least 1 range attack ability off as a defender or attacker if they are Naval) rather than lose tempo by having to first play it as a Battle action.

This last preview was originally previewed on the L5R Brazil forum.

Too Close to Home is a non unique event (the first of many according to design team).  While the Celestial Arc continues however you may only pack one.

Destroying a region is a decent ability (and may be better depending on the regions going forward).  The second ability is a mini Winter Warfare negating movement to and from battlefields.  It is that second ability that could be a problem.

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