Before the Dawn Preview: Phoenix

As a Kolat, I don’t know whether to be angry by the fact that Phoenix are now hunting Kolat, Ninja and Shadowlands peeps or to be happy that this may lead to more story time for the Kolat.

No one expects the Phoenix Inquisition!

Let’s start off with the Stronghold, Temple of Purity:

Stats are very norm for the Phoenix with a 6/4/6 box.  Temple trait makes sense here too.

Now the ability, wow!! Neg 4 force to another player’s Personality as an Open action even while bowed is great.  Add to that fact if the personality is a Kolat, Ninja, or Shadowlands, you control an Inquisitor, and it’s not your turn, choose a player who gains or loses 2 honor.

This certainly sounds like an Inquisitor theme will continue into Emperor Edition but we can’t be for sure.

Now, let’s learn more about their personalities.

Asako Izuna is an enabler for Temple of Purity.  She is packed with useful traits like Magistrate, Shugenja, and Inquisitor and when she comes into play she dishonors another personality with less personal honor than her chi and exposes them as a Kolat, Ninja, or Shadowlands.

Nice ability.

Also, I like the extra trait Villain.  I know which trait I’ll be using.

Now let’s go to the fixed personality, Isawa Sakonoko.

Zero force is weak but his attributes make up for it.

4 Chi and 4 Personal Honor are strong.  Magistrate, Inquisitor, and Shugenja are again strong traits.

This ability is extremely strong.  Anti-death ability?  WOW!  Normally, I’m used to seeing Crab with this ability not Phoenix.

Boy, am I glad that this ability does not stop his own destruction.  Still, very annoying.

Now, let’s slip into some hot Yojimbo action.

Isawa Kaname is a 4 Force, 4 Chi for 8 Gold Fire Shugenja Yojimbo.

Now, repetitive range 1 attacks is not very strong currently but it certainly could put a large bulls-eye on her…um…back.  It also doesn’t hurt that she can increase a ranged attack by 2 as well.

Also, major props on the artwork Edwin David.  Kolat approved!

Now here is a more standard Phoenix personality.

Shiba Ryuba has very strong stats as a 4 force / 3 chi for 7 gold.  Typical traits such as Samurai, Duelist and Yojimbo.

The ability is good as a hit and run defensive tactic.  It also can save your personalities at the battlefield when you know your going to lose the battle / province.

Overall, decent personality.  Also, I want to know where the Phoenix get the lightsabers.

The last Phoenix personality from this set of previews is Kunji.

A 3/4 for 8 gold and only 1 personal honor is kinda weak but with the force pump ability and Cavalry I can see why the stats are a little lower than normal.

A new fire chicken?  Kinda cool.  The verdict is still out on good or bad

Now let’s look into the spells.

Ember’s Final Fire is a 0 gold Fire spell.

The ability to destroy any attachment by just bowing the spell is quite strong.  The force bonus is just gravy.

The question will be whether or not the card will see in Emperor Edition as right now Consumed by Five Fires is the standard PK spell right now.

And the last spell in this preview set is both offensive and defensive minded.

Erosion is a 0 gold Water spell.

The trait is very strong as if attached to a Water Shugenja, other players’ provinces have -1 strength.  I can only think that trait fits in the Unicorn theme from the Lords of Death Priests.

For the players who are sick of all the movement tricks, the Reaction is for you.  Who brought the shrink ray?

The last preview is A Champion in Court.

The Focus Effect alone would make it playable it punish other duelers.

The second ability peaks into Scorpions Yojimbo theme as well.  That is one way to punish someone for killing your Courtier or Shugenja.

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