Emperor Edition Themes: Phoenix – Inquisitors

Ah, no one expects the Phoenix Inquisition.  This theme has many cards in Before the Dawn (and as a Kolat boy am I scarred).

Let’s go over some history here.  The Inquisitors are an extremely new theme.  Before Celestial Arc, they had a total of 3 cards.  During Celestial, Phoenix has had quite a number of personalities with this trait.  Most of the abilities either bow or destroy personalities with less PH than Chi.  Some gain or lose honor.

The new stronghold, Temple of Purity, will be brutal to play against for the duration of Emperor Edition.  Currently we know of Crab Dishonor (Yasuki Econ Warfare) and the Phoenix Inquisition theme (Honor / Dishonor).  I’m sure that both Crane and Scorpion will have a dishonor style theme as well so that would be at least 4 dishonor themes.  Look out, this will take some management for low honor clans to win those match ups but I do have some hope.

All in all, this seems to be a theme to be feared (even possibly right now)

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