Forgotten Legacy: Mantis, Pheonix, and Scorpion Cards from May 20th to May 23rd

First off, my apologizes to my loyal followers for the lack of updates this weekend.  The absence was unplanned so now I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  All of these cards were originally previewed on Forgotten Legacy countdown page.

Part of the Path of Man Phoenix Clan theme, Asako Chukage is the first Elemental Master printed who is also a Monk.  He also does something that no other Elemental Master has ever done (but probably should have); he can search for and put into play his elemental ring that matches his elemental mastery.  On top of all that, he is quite the personality.  Until we see more of the theme (this is only the 2nd card of that theme) it will be hard to see where he fits but it sure looks like the Path of Man is going to be quite a beatdown.

The Phoenix Inquisitors continue to be painful for the Kolat in me.  The force reduction is to 0 is nice but unless his is Kolat, Ninja or Shadowlands you don’t get to destroy anything.  Gold cost to Force is a little high for what has been previewed so far.  4 personal honor is very good.  She does fit the theme but I have to wonder as the arc continues to grow whether she will be used.

A Scorpion Magistrate with a kill action and if it kills a card, it causes an honor loss?  Ugh this is going to suck.  Oh, and this one is a 5/3 rather than a 4/4 for 8.  His only drawback is that any cards that trigger off of PH < Chi will take more work to trigger. One of the hardest to kill ninjas is back.  Aroru Experienced 2 not only is hard to kill (as long as you have something else to target) and oh yeah, he has a Range 5 to boot.

Now the Fox honor theme.  The first ever 4 PH Mantis Clan personality is Kitsune Hisano Experienced and he comes with a 2/2/3 Fox Spirit with a send home action.  Now this is going to be a theme that will take a while to develop but I know a lot of honor clans with shugenja (Phoenix, Dragon, Crane) who are quite jealous.

Mantis Naval kill is back!  Range 3 (or 5 if you have Reconnaissance).  I don’t know what else to say.

The last card is Broken Alliance, the end of a long standing history between the Naga and the Dragon clan from back in the days of The Daini.  Another card that destroys attachments that can be used as a Battle or Open action.  The second ability is a movement ability.  The combination of the 2 should make this very playable.

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