Emperor Edition: Phoenix Clan Strongholds

Today on L5R.com, Duncan MacPhail spoiled the 4 Phoenix Clan Strongholds in Emperor Edition:

This stronghold is for the Elemental Destruction theme and it was also the demo deck stronghold.  Since I already have a review of that one, I will just move on with this note.  It was also spoiled when talking about Library of Rebirth that the card One Koku was being reprinted.

Shiro Shiba was designed for the Order of Chikai (Yojimbo) theme.  It has the highest province strength of any Phoenix box in the set (good for a military deck).  The ability is quite interesting and new in the L5R CCG, a Melee attack.  It certainly makes a lot of sense and I am assuming that it will work similar to a Range attack (destroying a card of equal or less force).  There are certainly some rules questions to be asked here.

Here is your Inquisitor theme stronghold reprinted from Before the Dawn.  No changes sans the beautiful artwork.  Noah Bradley you are doing a fantastic job.  Again, since this one has been reviewed already I’ll spare you a rehashing.

The Waystation of the Path is your Path of Man (Henshin) theme.  It also has some interesting questions.  Its ability is quite powerful in that it has a unique way of negating death by transferring tokens and cards attached to one Henshin to another.  The rules question that I have is when you overlay your preforming Henshin onto another personality.  Does the overlaid personality gain the underlying abilities (like a normal overlaid personality)?  Very cool ability regardless.

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