Second City: Phoenix Clan

These cards were originally previewed at Gisei Toshi Phoenix Forum.

The Phoenix typically don’t get many Courtiers.  This personality has a nice ability on a fragile body.  Four chi is awesome but being only a Courtier doesn’t really hit any the themes previewed.

When did Merlin join the Phoenix?  His stats aren’t that great but he is full of traits and that will earn him a spot in the Inquisitor deck during the early stages of EE.

Looks like Phoenix and Taint continue to be a match made in Jigoku.  Truth be told, the personality seems to fit the Path of Man theme.  The chi loss could be devastating to certain clans but it might not help him make the final cut.

Seems like Phoenix are getting better Naval personalities than the Mantis.  This certainly is a strong personality even if he is mostly blank.  Cavalry, Naval, Shugenja, and 5 base Force.

I had a feeling she’d be a Elemental Master and one my Kolat don’t want to see.  Another great elemental Master.

An actual printed duel on a non Unique?  At least it’s a bow the loser but still not something I want to see a lot of in the future. 

This is the first spell that copies another spell in the game’s history.  It gives some flexibility (but can also just be just broken if you copy a rather powerful spell) basically giving 4 copies of a spell.

Wow is that province flatting!  +6F spell?  Straighten your Water Shugenja even if the spell is bowed and you may move him home.  Move an enemy personality home too?  Just brutal.  Might be too expensive but we’ll see.

Interesting Kiho with certain applications since it can be used on both your personalities or your opponents. 

Temple of Purity gets more support and as a Kolat, I get to cry a little more.  Ouch I am not looking forward to playing against this theme at all.

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