Emperor Edition: Mantis Clan Strongholds

Today’s final Emperor Edition design diary on L5R.com was written by Thomas Kwong and spoiled the Mantis Clan Strongholds:

The Economic Warfare box, Kalani’s Landing, produces the most gold for any stronghold ever (granted it is over several phases).  Depending on how many actions rely on gold cost, the stronghold might be very good.  The problem is that despite the massive gold advantage, the stronghold does not produce gold for attachments.  According to the article, most Mantis Magistrates have average Force and Chi due to their action phase control abilities so hopefully they will still be able to take provinces w/ little to no attachments.  That is my only worry.

After seeing more of the other Honor based strongholds, I certainly feel better about the position that this theme is in.  It is good to see a Mantis honor box again.
Most of my readers remember me talking about Tsuruchi’s Legion theme stronghold back during Gen*Con when the demo decks were spoiled.  Take note now, if you’re not packing followers this arc, this stronghold will eat your lunch.

The Children of Thunder theme, previewed on Friday, brings Suitengu’s Torch into the fray.  This is suppose to be a very aggressive military deck and the stronghold actions support that.  When death comes from Thunder, it will not be denied.  That first reaction can even tells a berserker or oni to die.  The second action is good to get a unit out of the way and can be used as a Naval action.  I’m excited to see this theme back but I need to see more Thunder Spells / Mantis Thunder Shugenja to get a grasp on the depth of the theme.

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