Emperor Edition: Phoenix Clan Previews

These previews were extracted by our informants within The Phoenix Clan Forums:

Up first is one of the Henshin, Asako Niou.  His a cheap Void Monk.  Not much else to right home about but the Void keyword might turn out to be the useful part on him.

Welcome to the Temple of Purity, Asako Tsunefusa.  The words auto include come to mind when I see him.  My only problem is he’s going to tear up my Kolat friends. 

Asako Yorisada is a Henshin who believes in balance.  If your force has changed he can either help or hinder the personality.  Combined this with Asako Heiwa for a one-two combo.

The new Master of Earth, Isawa Norimichi, is breaking out the fist of earth.  As long is he is around, your opponent is not destroying your Earth Shugenja, at least not with the first action anyway.  The second action gives you a better change at winning a battle even with just a couple of units.

Now on to the reprints.  Isawa Shunsuko is the soul of Isawa Yutako from Glory of the Empire.  Cavalry and cheap with the new spell rules you may see this used again.

Isawa Tamaki is the Soul of Isawa Hachiko from The Plague War.  Personally, I’m glad that she is reprinted.  Card selection can be just a powerful a tool as card draw and I feel that if Phoenix want to play Enlightenment, she’ll fit somewhere in the deck.

Shiba Sansesuke is the Soul of Shiba Danjuro from Diamond Edition.  If he is on the battlefield and unbowed, well you might as well target him with the action cause he will more than likely bow to redirect the action.  Get ready to be annoyed by his awesome presence again.

Shiba Tsukimi is flat out fantastic.  Unlike most of the other clan champs who have keywords which will let them fit into several decks, it is her abilities will be her calling card.  Her movement ability makes her an absolute pain to deal with while she is on defense.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, she has a Melee attack to boot.  Don’t get me wrong, 8 Force, 6 Chi, 5 PH for 12 Gold with the Duelist trait is some good too.

Next up is the reprint from Path of the Destroyer, Cleansing the Path.  Its not a bad spell for 0 gold with a kill ability but I certainly like my spells to be more permanent.

Falling Leaf Strike is a reprint from Stronger than Steel and Celestial Edition.  Movement, force reduction and possible bow action this is a good reprint.

Selfless Defense is a reprint from Path of the Destroyer.  This fits in a couple of different decks (Scorpion Paragons and Phoenix The first action is good, I just don’t know how much I want to sacrifice my yojimbo unless I’m going to be saving a lot of my useful guys.

The Honesty of the Phoenix is very similar to the Dragon one.  The difference here is that you name a card to trigger the ability.  The other thing is that it actually delays the effects of the duel.

The last card today is a reprint from Path of the Destroyer, Wall of Honor.  This is a nice card for both honor and military switch.

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