Gomorra Dispatch: B & B Attorneys



Just got back into town with news from AEG.

Todd Rowland just posted the first article with a spoiler inclusion.  Link to the article is here but I have copied the message below:

In Gomorra, there is a lot of lawlessness. Moral fortitude isn’t the strongest among a large section of the populace. So one would expect the jail cells to be packed, or at least the hangman’s noose in regular use, correct? Well no, partner, there’s something out there more loathed by the law than even the most vile outlaw: The Defense Attorney.


Worth one control point, and the ability to make bounties more valuable or remove them entirely, B&B Attorneys will likely be employed by the Law Dogs as much as the Sloane Gang. And of course, the Morgan Cattle Company may need to keep legal counsel on retainer just to clean up any unseemly activities.

This card and more are in the Doomtown: Reloaded base set releasing this August! Watch for more previews in the coming months!

B & B Attorneys are interesting since they can increase a bounty (if you’re playing Law Dogs) or decrease a bounty (so that they become unwanted).

Yoritomo Arashi

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