Rokugan Lore: Otaku Kamoko

Rokugan Lore KamokoBasicToday’s choice is Otaku Kamoko.

Kamoko was the daughter of the current Otaku daimyo.

Kamoko’s mother was killed in a skirmish with the Lion Clan by Matsu Agetoki.  She took her mother’s name at her gempukku and wielded her sword to honor her.  She had vowed revenge against Agetoki.  Her aunt, Otaku Tetsuko, became the leader of the Battle Maidens, but Kamoko became the Otaku Daimyo.

That was not all the Kamoko was destined to become.

Kamoko was the descendant of Otaku, the Unicorn Clan Thunder at the First Day of Thunder where the mortals sealed away Fu Leng for 1000 years.  Kamoko was to be the Unicorn Clan Thunder and was destined to fight Fu Leng reincarnated soul at the Second Day of Thunder.  She destroyed Yogo Junzo by trampling over him while on her steed Hachiman during the Assault on Otosan Uchi on the Second Day of Thunder.

She was not without faults however.  She was known to be reckless at times and her thirst for revenge for her mother’s killer consumed her at one point.  She even gave up the Otaku daimyo position to go after her revenge.

KamokoExp3She got the opportunity to duel Agetoki and killed him to ‘avenge’ her mother’s death.  It wasn’t until the return of Shinjo, the Kami, that Kamoko found out the it was her own champion, Shinjo Yokatsu, who had been behind the order to kill her mother.

She eventually felt that the purge of the Unicorn distasteful.  It was at that point she was met by Iuchi Shahai, daughter of Iuchi Daiyu, who told Kamoko of the spirits being destroyed in the spirit realm.  She rode with Shahai to the Shadowlands protected by Kyoso no Oni.  She had also sent word to the Unicorn of her whereabouts as she was to lead the Dark Moto.

KamokoExp4The Moto Khan Gaheris led the Unicorn army to Volturnum.  As Kamoko charged into the Unicorn line, she turned and lead the Unicorn forces against the Dark Moto at the Battle of Twilight Mountains.  Kamoko got close enough to destroy Moto Tsume thanks to the power of Kyoso no Oni but Kamoko was badly wounded.  Kyoso no Oni absorbed Tsume strength and offered to save Kamoko if she would join the Shadowlands.  Kamoko refused and was carried to the heavens by Shinjo.

“She will not die but like me, her place is no longer here. She shall live forever among the stars of the night sky-and at my side.” – Shinjo

She would be the last battle maiden to bear the name Otaku and the family changed its name to Utaku.

Otaku Kamoko now resides in Tengoku, taking the spot of the Kami Shinjo who was murdered by Fu Leng during his Invasion of the Heavens.

For more information on Otaku Kamoko, please visit the L5R Wikia.

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