2008 Light of the Moon

Rokugan LoreThis information was extracted from Dr. Zen Faulkes website Steel and Iron:

Just as the Sun chooses a hero to receive its blessings, so too does the victorious Moon seek those worth of its favor. Although it too seeks a recipient who demonstrates the proper respect for the Celestial Order, the Moon has no little use for conventional heroes, and instead seeks one who can walk the fine line between reverence for the Order and the wicked ways over which the Moon hold sway.

The winner of this tournament will select from a list one personality of his faction who shall be chosen by the Moon to bear the new Obsidian Hand. The dark powers commanded by this artifact will elevate its bearer to new levels of influence throughout the seedy underbelly of Rokugan.

From a post made on the L5R forum (slightly edited)

Well I had some trouble due to my recent traveling issues to start this report but here it goes. I also won’t get into too much detail concerning how I build the deck and what where the previous choices etc. In short the final build was born a week after SA when I was rich with Ariel’s experience which helped me on the last deck changes, then I finally decided on using Kohaku and Beniha, and apply different gold structure together with dropping my usual switch options for more conditional cards like Besieged or Shielding.

I wasn’t sure how the changed version would fare off in the tournament but prior to it I have played over a few hundred games with different variants of this build in recent months and over half of that amount was against Unicorn friend Gracjan who even thou plays rather short in L5r still managed to get to main tournament.

I came to the tournament with like 8 people from my playgroup and except for our Dragon players everyone made the cut to main tournament and Marecki managed to get to Top 16 with his military Phoenix deck.

Prior to the tournament I played a few games with Greg Wong and I went 3-1 vs his dragons and 2-1 vs Phoenix rocket, those games were really fun I guess and I wanted to test if my reduced FV will be able to combat duelling.

Main tournament

Game 1: Christian Endres Dragon Morning Frost Castle

I had bad start with no holding on turn 2 so I put Komachi into play. On turn 3 I started wandering I should try to take his province with her because I had armour and Gunso on hand with City of the Rich frog in play but I decided not too cause If I had spend my whole gold and that got an outer wall it might have been already a loss. We played and there was a moment when I was at 39 honor with like 5-6 cards in my hand but my opponent didn’t declare an attack if he did so he would have won since I had nothing on my hand, next turn with fukuro, void, favour and draw I got 4 battle actions and brought Aikune. We started the final battles (I had 3 or 4 provinces with City) and there was a small miscommunication since my Junai didn’t assign and we were at time already. He had a good fate hand which would probably won him the battle but I wasn’t really sure if I would lose cause I had battle actions and Aikune , so I asked him if he had desperate wager cause in such case I would simply concede. He didn’t have it, and we finally decided on a die roll and I won with 8 to his 1. I must say that I have felt bad after that game cause it was one of those in which an opponent has the advantage but it is possible that a mistake would cost him a game. After reporting (we had a few seconds left only not to get double loss) we tried to make a longer simulation and he would have won I think.


Game 2: Antonis Panagioropodos Lion HoA

This game had no real story, my opponent received one of the hardest gold screws I ever saw in samurai edition and in the final battle I had 6 duels and in each one I got only 4fvs. I was quite disappointed with my performance so far cause after winning one game with dice and second with gold screw its hard to be optimistic.


Game 3: Pablo Debray Lion HoA

My first normal game at the EC with both me and my opponent getting pretty good draws. I don’t really remember this game since one of my next opponents was also playing lion and I can’t remember now who played what in each game. I won with a pretty good fashion.


Game 4: Borja Claveria Scorpion DVD

My opponent was playing dishonour bomb and I had assigning and wheels on my first had, in a few turns he noticed me drawing assigning with fuku and suddenly he seemed like he didn’t want to drop the bomb. I got a city early with Komachis but I couldn’t get a single hired killer in 25 cards just to kill that irritating 6g scorpion who you have to target. So we came to time and started arguing and it was pretty funny cause there were arguments like “I would seppukku all your personalities”. I had like 25 honor with 2x assigning on my hand with trigger but I played not active enough I think I should have attacked earlier and finally we took tie… And we both made to top 8 😮 and at some time later we talked it over so we settled the whole thing.


Game 5: Oskar Neira Lion HoA

A third lion and we both had a good start but my opponent at some point assigned a 4 Chi personality which allowed me to cross 40 with 3 honor from First and final strike.


Game 6: Nicolas Vaurette Spider

My opponent had gold flood so I tried attacking with Ayano with 2x gunso and Shielding only to receive an outer wall, it was a spider breeder deck and he got in time of war quite early. In the final turn I played besieged increasing my province strength to 11 while he surprised me with eager to fight ,in the first battle I passed quite early which made my opponent believe I had no battle actions. On most important battle on City of the rich frog I started with force reduction and when he suddenly moved like half of his army with tale of tsukuro I played my 4 duels from hand and got more via negating my own honor gains it was funny when from a fortune smile focused I got warriors challenge and first and final strike. My opponent asked if I had any more killing actions since we came to time I had ring of fire and he conceded. He had a very good deck but his start slowed him down, while mine wasn’t the best either but still allowed me to win.


Game 7: Greg Wong Dragon

The game was decided within the early turns I attacked with hakuseki and beniha while having a city (or not Im not sure) after killing his Masujiro with hired killer, he defended with hogai, I fortune smiled him he played a shamefull injury to reduce his penalty which I misdirected to hakuseki and I managed to take the province triggering yobanjin, later I killed Mareshi with 2nd hired killer and took second province and the game was decided.


Top32: Eoin Burke Crab (seemed like modified Salman deck)

First game took only 3 minutes I had bad start so I attacked with yasuyo with gunso and city, tried moving I misdirected and killed his guy, he went home with stay after negating destruction and moved another one, with doom bowing me I played ASF, and city, he attached ogres, I smilled him 2x, playing void and took the province along with the army gaining 12 honor due to yobanjin. I had 30+ honor and he had no one in play.


Game 2:

Took 7 minutes I had no city but attacked with aikune killing his 3 crabs on the offence, later came kuon, and he tried unravelling only to meet hamstrung and move the shade, at decisive turn he had 4 cards I decided not to defend and he didn’t have wager, it was the next card in his deck, but he couldn’t get it due to lack of presence I had 4 duels on my hand but didn’t defend.


Top 8: Jean-Baptiste Laroche Phoenix

Top 8 was the most close games in tournament I think and my opponent was a great player with an unusual phoenix deck a lot of strange and weird things happened in those games.

We went 2-1 for me in my favour, in each game the one who started lost. In first game I couldn’t get a personality on turns 5-6 and he had 3x incident, In game two I accidently lost a duel so I decided to drop my all 3 or 2 assignings together with hirreds making him lose 15 honor in decisive moments. In game 3 he made a mistake and forgot that dynasty gain is not a card effect and is not stopped by hidden scandal which actually costed him a game. I also made a nice bluff pretending not to have assignings since I didn’t trigger them with my wheels on his turn but I played them on mine with besieged.


Top 4 – Juan Palomo Scorpion DVD

Another dishonour bomb and this time I decided on being aggressive, first when I had 5 personalities I dropped besieged with yasuyo and went for all his 4 provinces with my city. The moment when Kohaku was stopped with outer wall was absolutely priceless :shocked: anyway I took 2 , next turn I took another one after shielding the command group on beniha and brought Aikune, I had 37 honor and he had one province he decided to concede to play game 2 faster.


Game 2:

He shuffled my deck and gave me a god hand. I had all 3 courts early and brought Doji Katsuro he had paneki in play as his only guy since he already killed my nagori with hired killer earlier and he has proposal of piece. What happened next was not really normal 😮 yobanjin , city, armour on katsuro, 2x impromptu and I attacked and took a province and got to 37 or 40 he had to play incidents twice to get me down to 30 something on two turns when he played 2x deanouced on stage I dropped my besieged and brought him down to -21 with assignings which I got on fist hand, playing the last one with determination. If not a small mistake with share the blame ruling I would do it 2 turns earlier 8)


Final: Pablo Rojo Western Steppes

Well I was waiting for that game since two years to play against Pablo and the game delivered as they say. Nearly every single of those over hundred games vs unicorn I talked earlier was against Western Slopes which is the current best unicorn stronghold.

I took his 2 province in the early game the second triggering yobanjin alliance, I nearly went trough my whole fate final turns but I won. Junai was probably a decisive factor.


In game two I got destroyed completely I had a nice fate but I got early only Kohaku and other 5g people and no samurai, later turong killed me with versatile army after I accidentally ditched my ASFs to get cards via favour.


Game 3: With my starting hand it wasn’t possible to lose 2x impromptu with armour, Junai soon followed. I hired killer his Turong and made a small trick attaching gunso to junai and attacking and on my turn I was sharing it and after she straightened I discarded my assigning instead of gaining honor with shielding since I had an idea. I took his province with tactician ability and played 2 x beniha he took my province I thing and played that 5/3 tactician I shared gunso to Junai, hit his tactician twice with beniha and attacked, he defended and played army bowing Junai, I played the crane strength killing him gaining 6, I straightened with gunso by playing shielding and took his province, I also triggered yobanjin (or turn earlier not sure) Pablo had only one personality in play and I had 3 provinces I won.


The whole tournament was a real fun and enjoyable experience, my games were of course more intense and complicated that I have described here but I don’t even remember everything what happened.

I think that for me a decisive moment was when at some point during a tournament I refused a really solid and profitable proposal (enough to got to US and back) but I decided to go 100% and try winning the whole thing and I did.

I would like to thank the organisers for great tournament, my friends who offered the transport and all my opponents. I just hope that everyone that came had fun.

Also special thanks to my whole team from Szczecin who came and really rocked by winning draft, qualifying nearly in full squad to main event and helping me in deck testing.

Also I need to mention and thank Ariel Alvarez with whom we did a lot of deck testing and so far the result of this cooperation are multiple Koteis and Kotei finals, top crane places and now the EC and World championship.

Also special thanks for different stuff to Sparrow, Horror, Gracjan, Burak, Maniek, Marecki, Radek, Walec, Jabbas Stasinos, Roji, Greg, Lio , Dimas Heraclio and the nice girl I took photo 😉

I don’t know if I go to US in November since I don’t know if I get a holiday and I need to file all the Visa papers but I will try to go and win it.

PS. I think I will have to edit this later since there are most likely lots of mistakes and I might have missed someone

Kamil picked Kakita Kensho-in as the bearer of the Obsidian Hand.

Kyuden KyoteiKyuden Kyotei

Dynasty Deck (41 cards)

A New Wall
Shogun’s Peace
Yobanjin Alliance

1 Family Library
3 Governor’s Court
1 House of the Fallen Blossom
2 Kabuki Theater Troupe
3 Marketplace
2 Secluded Waystation
1 Shrine to Fukurokujin
1 Temple of the Righteous Emperor
1 Western Hub Sake Works

3 Asahina Beniha
1 Doji Ayano (Experienced)
1 Doji Domotai (Experienced 3)
3 Doji Hakuseki
1 Doji Jun’ai (Experienced)
3 Doji Kohaku
1 Doji Nagori (Experienced)
2 Doji Seo
1 Doji Yasuyo (Experienced 3)
1 Kakita Katsuro
3 Kakita Komachi
1 Naoharu
1 Shiba Aikune (Experienced 3)

City of the Rich Frog

Fate Deck (43 cards)

3 A Soldier’s Fate
3 Assigning the Blame
1 Besieged
1 Contemplation of Destiny
3 Determination
3 First and Final Strike
3 Hamstrung
2 Hired Killer
3 Impromptu Duel
2 Misdirection
1 Shielding the Command Group
2 The Crane’s Strength
3 The Fortunes Smile
2 To Move the Shade
3 Warrior Challenge
2 Wheels within Wheels

3 Gunso Chitose

1 Koutetsu Meiyo

Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void

Yoritomo Arashi

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