2010 Love and Madness

Rokugan LoreThe following tournament report and decklist from Maxime Despretz was extracted from the Ryoko Owari forums.  Some editing was done for translation purposes.


I gland with my illusion, and is 2/2 to winner’s choice, this is another story …

I will try a big effort of memory …. gnnnnnnnn gnnnnnn …… …… (it’s hard to be a Nezumi!)
So I play in disorder against scorpion Desolation 2, 1 crab big characters, one dragon, Lion 2, and 1 crane.

In order, I think:

Lion CC
Starting hand 4 kills, 2 claw and shell He leaves two characters round 2 after killing the first army that will soon be seen …
Moral: Claw and Shell against a Lion is strong.

Crane SD Honor defense,
I reminded me very much of the game, if not I go out a lot of cavalry, it is too painful for him. Last porvince, he is 40 and lodge me land Encircled with walls of honnor. After killing the defense, I play Determined strength + Obfuscation -> Chagatai’s armor.
Moral: Chagatai’s armor and Determined strength is good.

Scorpion POCs,
I made out of the dead level honor Ningen 3 My father’s shrine, Houhou. But I takes time to be militarily effective, the hard part without being able to really take advantage. in the end it becomes a problem for him when I was 8 characters Cavalry and Naval table to manage more than 3 houhou and Ningen …
It leaves me in time when I was part of the defense and to kill the remaining each turn without losing honor three provinces (I earn as much as I lost) and I’m currently between 0 and – 5 of honor.
Morality: My father’s shrine and Ningen and Houhou and Kosoku and unimpeachable name and cavalry and … ok, the phoenix is ​​strong against Desolation …

Lion CC
First hand very bad, I have 2 kills on the first 8 cards and I do not see others in the party. The first battle happening to him in 1 card … It is near death …
Morality, meta honor is good, but not against a CC.

Scorpion Pocs,
Almost the same game in the round 3, but then I made out of space to attack cavalry, I take provinces quickly as I descend fast enough to honor, he concedes 1 provinces I’m not below -5.
Moral: Asako Bairei and Chagatai’s Armor, good cards.

PV Dragon (Greg Wong)
His deck relies on large tuna, I have the advantage. After losing two battles and 6 guys, he did not fall.
Even if I take my time to win the honor.
Moral: Rekai’s Yumi, I love it! Very expensive unique, I like it.

Crab (SPC Juan Palomo)
Then, just as the Dragon, I have the distinct advantage. First personal home Hida Yaheiko. Uh …. I look at my hand: 2 wrath of thunder … phew …
Moral: Wrath of thunder is good. And the Unmaking also (against Ikarukani).

Will you make an effort of memory again, I should be able to give some details …

Top 16 – Crane control SFP (Dave Ruddock)
Game 1:
Isawa Tanaka T2, T3 Chagatai’s armor -> Province + Shiba Kosoku fate. I would take a province per turn …

Game 2:
It controls me well the table, I can not take the provinces soon enough. I switch to honor with my 2 houhou. it is 30 I Ningen lot (and I’m 34) and benefits from its PH 4 to win 9 of honor on his back, he butts 40 while I can not break its three remaining provinces. I do not see my shares only speak of the party, sniff …

Game 3:
It is a fast honor with 2 and 2 troup Acrobat My father’s shrine. But lack of bow tech, it rises very quickly while its provinces jump 2 by 2 (ARPES have dropped his hand) And in the end I Chagatai’s armor + a obfusctation hand in case …

Top 8
Phoenix Military CoT (Miguel Carcedo, I think …)
We can summarize the 2 parts in 1, everything has both a tendency to annihilate our armed mutually unfortunately I ride in the spotlight.
It will break me maximum 1 provinces and there is not enough difference between our luck dynasty output so that it takes the advantage.

Top 4
Follower Mantis DGC (alias Nicolas Dewiere Nainbecile)
It sums up the 3 parts .. and as I have not a very good memory … I let you see his report. 😉
Again thank you for the exemplary fair play, and these 3 parts where everything is done both blunders and where we each pick our traps 2 balls. ^ ^
PS: Note bad liver -> “Nico: I also have 2 kills that goes up to the end of the latter, whose touch of the infinite”)
2/1 (not glorious win dice …)

**Note: this honorable play by Nicolas with Mantis was the inspiration for bring the Kitsune honor theme back into the game.**

OK unicorn order solid (Victor Diaz)
Well … there is the Viol … I go Houhou T2, T3, T4 both parties … With still enough to play in hand. He does not see his Imperial Command. It will grant the 2 parts quickly.
Sorry again, it sure is that my deck had an advantage against this kind of deck, but that there was no party.

Here is my decklist deck CoT switch, deck I work since the beginning of the arc in my corner, and after my victory at Lille I worked with Reda, until the eve of the Worlds.

City of TearsCity of Tears
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters

# Dynasty (40)

1 Shiba’s Guidance

3 Seiden Sanzo
3 Silver Mine
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Expendable Resources
3 Rich Coffers
3 My Father’s Shrine
1 Counting House
1 Clan Estate

3 Agasha Ueda
1 Asako Bairei – exp4
3 Houhou
1 Isawa Mitsuko
1 Isawa Mizuhiko – exp
1 Shiba Ningen – exp3
3 Shiba Kosoku
1 Shiba Tsukimi – exp3
3 Isawa Mizuhiko
2 Isawa Tanaka
1 Isawa Kimi – exp2
1 Shiba Ikokawa
2 Isawa Shioki

# Fate (40)

3 Obfuscation
3 Claw and Shell
3 Determined Force
3 Only Actions Speak
2 Reinforce the Gates
2 Unimpeachable Name

1 Chagatai’s Armor

1 Breath of the Dragon
3 Consumed by Five Fires
1 In Aikune’s Name
2 Ritual of Summoning
2 The Unmaking
1 Touch of Death
1 Touch of the Infinite
2 Walking the Way
3 Wrath of the Thunder
1 Unnatural Flood
1 Thunderous Report
1 Touch of the Flames
3 Cleansing the Path

1 Ring of Fire

Note that this is a deck Honor, military switch, and not vice versa.
It is not very complicated on paper, but the balance Honor / military is really not obvious actually.

Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.