2012 Scion of the Colonies

Rokugan LoreThe following tournament report and deck list by Johann Silva was found over at the Ryoko Owari forum.  This is the translated version.

Well, I do not remember all parties. It was three days intensive enough, with an average of 10 parts per day.

I’ll try to update this post depending on the updates if I remember other things, or if people remember it for me.

1st day.

Q1 – I’ve already tried my luck at the first call, but I have done a miserable 1-2.
I quickly said a defeat (that I remember, it struck me) against a TFT.
I do not know if I shave T2 (I think it plays a Caught Unaware) but I know I T3 attack with two characters (so 2 ​​provinces), which boosted Nikaru spirit. Nikaru password and shaves. Buchotsu is mounted a little late. I boost in Kuon’s legacy => immediate punishment, the Shadow Dragon arrives with Search for answer. People die every 2, the shadow dragon can then take Quiet provinces, besides the one he takes with RETRIB.
Arrived at 2 losses, it’s time to drop the second call.

Q2 – The deck runs perfectly. Must be 5 wins to qualify, I make 6 in a row, the sixth being against Dario managed the feat to qualify with the fortress Ronin. I forgot a lot of details in these parts, I know I played against a Czech unicorn (he plays very large characters, I shave him thunes, it will be difficult to return to the game), and a scorpion LDD pine ‘broker. This guy made me a bluff on the penultimate province: I have a guy in cowed and Defeated, but I try to transfer a bar fight its only defender, who made me go to -19 (yes, I I am eaten of cowed and Defeated and power of a word). He asked me several times if I’m sure he shows me his Twisted Fate to make me believe it will still make me go to – 20 and blablabla. I kill her personal and finished my turn, he had nothing to do hand

2nd day
It must still be 5-2 to qualify what I do:

Part 1: A Scout crane. His dosh scheme and personal output the block completely. He prefers even buy an item to shave a few provinces before his blowouts.

Part 2: kitsu a lion. The weirdest part of the tournament. I have nothing to break T2, and get out of personal or T2, or T3! Fortunately, the lion does not come out in front of Akai. I have to procrastinate a little out of the characters deal with it and manage several as soon as possible its ploppés few ancestors. Given the accumulated thunes T2 and T3, I even set a record with my deck: I go three characters in the same turn (well, ok, 2 boxables 6). In any case, I win.

Part 3: a spider ninja. I had nothing in hand despite the BKxp to break the first province T2. Him Yamakasi 2 low market, 2 weapons in hand, Stuck in Rokugan, and released a platinum mine T1 => It attaches two weapons during my turn. I do not remember exactly how I do, but I do not beat him badly provinces and is back in the game … if he had not played 2 payments derived blow for blow. I lose.

Part 4: Spanish (Pablo with a cape and a mask?) Playing unicorn with strong tactoche that pick. The game is tense, but “Too close to home” gives me the win because he can not bring his characters and defend its provinces correctly.

Part 5: a phoenix ToP “lemmings”. He committed suicide all characters, played with Hidden defense and caught unaware defense. It surprised me, and claimed the victory. The surprise was, I think I would be playing against this deck. In any case the deck was well built and well played, I lose.

Part 6: a dragon with the duel fortress. He could not manage Nikaru xp which is given to their hearts content.

Part 7: Rawion in Kitsu. I fear the tense part, because I know the player reputation (winner of kotei Rennes lion blitz – except this time, I’m the blitz), and because the game is crucial. The match took place very quietly, however, the game is final. No solution to stop my berserkers, I beat him 4 provinces I think long before he butt 40.

So, I am qualified for the “faux Top 32”, which is played in two winning sets.
I play against a blitz phoenix. It seems that the player is known, but I have not had the chance to remember his name.

Part 1: It bores me a province first, normal. He puts the Ring of Fire, which is trickier. He leaves pine killing me my guys while he shaves quiet … In Q3, it even plays a fruitless search to kill my personal … I admit, it is useless.

Part 2: The same, without the ring of fire. So, it plays tighter. It is 2 provinces across 2 characters each, except that 17 F aligns with spells, I have 2 and 4 Buchotsu blank cards in hand: S He attacks me, I defend the 2 on the same, and pass first action. He also surprised password => I play dual feign death, which allows me to take his two provinces behind ^ ^

Part 3: Almost the same, but the first guy is not cavalry. So we still find ourselves in 2 provinces everywhere, I have 3 characters (including 2 adjusted to Creating Order), 2 it very equipped. He still tries to kill me full of people by assigning his cavalry face my 3 guys. A sneak later my Nikaru was dead. After lots of battle, he hesitates to cross with his Strength of the Tsunami or just recover. He has my cards, hers, and tried to just recover. Bad choice, I have more battle than him, I am his personal and his last province to the next round.

=> I am qualified for the Top 16.

3rd day
Top 16 – phoenix honor – rather classic, with shares of battle, judges …

This kind of deck, I pass without too much trouble from the moment I have enough to break T2.
The first part goes smoothly, the second a little less, but the characters are accumulated slowly rides him (he did not shug void and threw 2 Seek the stain in favor, so I no kolat ). He is 32, only one province, I went back “All That Will Be Lost,” which bow him shug has a spell that kills. It has also a lot of guys who saw the capas. So it is with a blank army I rush over him screaming. Well, I had forgotten that he went to a “light of justice” with “Gaining Advantage”: S
First action … a bow on my tech guy alone capacity (Nikaru), obviously … I delay … He earns more than 8 honor in battle, but it does not matter, I happily calculated very wide, I break.

Top 8 – kitsu with strong scout lion draws with golf
It is a very good start, 2 copper, Akai with a second in the country, I go out a personal, and he threatens his Akai province. There he stands, and is a field. I play bar fight him smoking his character, then I break his land. His deck defends well against decks big tuna (up to 4 characters Bowes battle, it does not help to break). At one point, I leave him Fukuzo I removes her Akai (he plays Family Library, so I take no risk) and I attack with everyone on the same once I have plenty of characters . That’s the key fact: should splitter early to lessen the impact of the land, and everyone at the end to ignore their influence.

Top 4 – TFT grononi
The deck that I fear most.
I go out a personal T1, I attack, he plays Search for answer, I lose my character … The hard part is very long, I go down to one province, each one leaves a personal lap, but hers are bigger and especially, I can not redo me a hand. When not out of personal, I tried a symbolic gesture, but it takes me all my army.
The second part, much like the first, I leave a personal, his search for answer, but now I want more. Part looks like the previous one except that I have a hand full. I leave full of characters as I can. At one point, he throws me a Nikaru with Black Pearl.
There I see red, I attack with my Topaz champion (small Bachari) to kill him Nikaru, and come home with Feign Death.
I shot him two times, more one on one of his attacks.
The final battle is going to my advantage.
3rd party after 2 mulligan, I see Buchotsu + Topaz Championship. I jump for joy, but it leaves me Mysterious death … Fortunately, once again, I feign death. So I can stuff tranquillou on his big dosh. Private dosh, he released his smaller characters (3 gozaru go into the discard pile, so do not come to Search for answer). I put in one province, I prepare my hand and my army, so good. But just before the final attack, the referee announces that comes with time, and we have 5 minutes to decide.

The guy has the audacity to ask if he has the right to Palmer’s Rule (since he won the first part) arbitrator. Everyone jumps (it is clear that rolled over). The referee said that 5 min to discuss. I told him that even though I have a lot of characters and a hand full, we can discuss showing our hands.

It is at this point that Brian Reese himself responds and says move ourselves, but we do battle.
That’s cool, I fill with my guys stuffed in sake, I play my actions (3 reckless rush, 1 Duty of the Crab, 2 Deep Roots 1 Kuon’s legacy and I know what, Pitet blind rage). He also plays the shares (the bow tech), he released a Bashe to search for answer (too small for my main guys), and I shaved it all.

Finale – Yasuki

The deck that I fear the least, especially when I’ve realized that there was nothing under “Too Close to Home.” I lose a lot of honor targeting him his characters, but I won the first easily (I finished -19). It slowed me killing me Pawn Sacrifice of the characters, but I preferred it does not optimize its sub.
The second goes better for him: he leaves the combo Jinn Kuenn over the other that pays 3 Ikke reaction … then … So I tell myself that I must account just on the strength. His deck defends really well (Hidden Defense Unstopable strike, dispending justice …). I ruined a full attack or splits I … So, I put everyone on the same, and I never touch.
I calculate his losses well, I see that he can not put me at -20, I fill it defends its spits some cards while I play the minimum. I finish the game leaving Kisada the “Duty” once it has nothing to do, as if I had led after a small part of Tarot: p

Here is the deck which has enabled me to make as interesting parts of Barcelona. Thank you to those who contributed, by their advice, having fronted, or having sustained.

Halls of the ForgottenHalls of the Forgotten
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvester xp


1x Jurojin’s Blessing
1x Blessings of the Shi Wang Tien Yen

3x Small Farm
3x Large Farm
3x Blue Tanuki Bar

3x All That Will Be Lost
3x Too Close To Home
1x Times of Strife
1x Alter History
1x Topaz Championship

1x The Second City

3x Chiisai
3x Hida Bakari
3x Hida Bushotsu
3x Hiruma Nikaru
3x Hida Bakishi
1x Hida Nikaru xp
1x Hida Komatsu
1x Hida Kisada
1x Fukuzo


3x Back to the Front
3x Spirit of the Berserker
3x One Koku
3x Ancient Feud
3x Duty of the Crab
3x Bar Fight
3x Feign Death
3x Reckless Rush
3x Deep Roots
2x Blind Rage
2x Unstoppable Strike
2x Kuon’s Legacy
1x Serenity in Air
1x Peace
1x Creating Order
1x Game of Dice
1x The Fires of War

1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of the Void

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