Kolat Information Network: A Line in the Sand Previews


It is preview season once again and we love preview season here at The Kolat Informant.

A Line in the Sand is the second expansion since Ivory Edition and we have had some interesting cards previewed so far.  But the following previews are certainly the most interesting to the Kolat regime.

We would like to thank our agent, Seth Anthony, for the previews.

ALitS Final-104

First off, I want to thank Aaron Barto who won the special event at Gen*Con 2013 that got us a new Master Roc.

Also, Steve Arygle, this piece of artwork is amazing.

Former Master Tiger, Akodo Kage, would be proud.

Akodo Kobi, is hard at work spreading Conspiracy around the Colonies.  Get 10 Conspiracy counters and you win.  Sounds like an awesome idea.  The card triggers only when your opponent controls no unbowed personalities.  So how do you bow his unbowed guys?  Master Roc get to help you by bowing them when someone is Recruited but straightens them at the start of the next turn.  Obviously, this does not help you during your turn (if you wanted to attack) but this ability is very useful on defense with many cards with Reserve and a card like Cavalry Escort around.

Also, Kolat are Expendable.  Who knew?  Currently there are only 3 personalities in Ivory who are Kolat, all of which are non-unique and no other attachment cards.  Hopefully that will change soon.

The -2 starting honor is a significant drawback this arc as going second has been quite detrimental.

Now Conspiracy tokens seem hard to achieve currently in Ivory as only the sensei gives them out…

ALitS Final-9OK, so I was wrong about that.

House of Loose Silk is a holding that gives you the opportunity to pass out more Conspiracy tokens.  A Geisha House and Sake House seems like a perfect spot for a Kolat.  Still a 6 for 5 holding that has to bow and be destroyed to get a Conspiracy token sounds like a huge investment.  The holding is much more valuable in draft than in constructed formats currently.

Any chance we can just have this reprinted?

Kolat Oyabun

Yoritomo Arashi

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