2014 Regent to the Throne

Rokugan Lore

The following information was found over at the Unicorn Clan forums posted by the winner Bartlomiej Chrobak.  He is planning on doing a full report later on, which will be imported here as well.

As we were flying, and driving through the night.  I’m almost dead but one Unicorn Friend ask me for a list so:  (Later I will try to write some report, and argument my card decisions during design deck and after experiences)

Basic idea was to buy gold first, second a guy and gold (in most matchups and if you have hand able to crush some provinces)

Returning home with hopefully conqueror/straighten defend make some attrition from reusable actions like range/fear from attachments/sensei and go home from ward/impassable if needed.

That’s why I used only small holdings and lots of them.
Ivory Court Room is just amazing (let you have additional battle action in defend/cycle/buy in not your turn (using crab)
rehonor and steal favor from opponent before attack as limited.
best peep is moto alani – draw/resilent (defend/make attrition/not die in resolution)/destroy attachments with fear/make bigger fears just bowing do not generate card advantage.

Fate side was designed due my old friend Marecky (Phoenix player rule) in every action you have to kill.
So you have 6 (4 reusable) ranged attachments, 6 fear +okuras which with tested blade is just broken)
Machinations were to help against nonmilitary matchups (to attach/straighten after pass)
and also against unsettlings during defend (in top 8 against dragon I received on face 3 unsettling in one round :-)
Also Machinations +favor let you dig much faster to key cards against certain matchups.

Most important cards in fate (probably five)

Guidance in War – due to high versatility – take what you need/range against swarms/conq against military/cav etc.
Tested Blade – add chi against duelists (with high focus values of cards I have even won few duels against duelist decks)
and also additional token from stones. Broken properly targeted with okura (with alani reaction/stones etc you can kill even kensais)
Okura – main reason to dig for against military. Can break games as easy kill with fear attachments/sensei
Ward of Air – frexible, reusable return home from battle with problems and descent secure against kill actions on your important units.

Thats it.

The Golden Plains of the UnicornThe Golden Plains of the Unicorn

Akikazu Sensei


Dark Audience

Jade Pearl Inn x3
Temple of the Heavenly Crab x3
Stables x3
The Ivory Courtroom x3
Bamboo Harvesters Exp x1
The Emerald Dojo x1
Yukihime’s Hot Springs x1
Abundant Farmlands x1
Shrine to Hachiman x1
General’s Hatamoto x3

Moto Ming-Gwok Exp x1
The Dark Naga Exp x1
Iuchi Karasu Inexp x1
Moto Daiken x2
Moto Erdene x2
Iuchi Chiwa x3
Moto Alani x3
Iuchi Wattu x3
Komori Taruko x3

FateThe Golden Plains of the Unicorn Side b

Ring of Earth x1
Ring of Air x1
Ring of the Void x1

Hidden Machinations x3
Victory Through Deference x3
Okura is Released x3
Back to the Front x2
Versatile Army x2
Sudden Movement x1
Sneak Attack x1
Unsettling Gathering x1
Creating Order x1

Koan’s Robes x1
Koan’s Staff x1
Tested Blade x3
Ancestral Armor of the Unicorn Clan Exp x1

Guidance in War x3
Ward of Air x3
Stones of Purity x3
Impassable Waters x2
Sailor’s Warning x2
Interrupt the Void’s Flow x1

Yoritomo Arashi

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