Spring 2015 Kotei Season – Week 1 Report

Yesterday marked the momentous occasion of the first Kotei of the Spring 2015 season! Our Silken Sect agents have come from far and wide to bring news of great battles. As the people of Ryoko Owari Toshi celebrated Liberation Day, our samurai marched to battle.

First up is the Atlanta Kotei. Inclement weather kept many troops out battle but ultimately 34 commanders mustered their forces in the field, and each clan had roughly even representation as follows:

Crab Clan – 4 players
Crane Clan – 4 players
Dragon Clan – 3 players
Lion Clan – 5 players
Mantis Clan – 5 players
Phoenix Clan – 2 players
Scorpion Clan – 3 players
Spider Clan – 4 players
Unicorn Clan – 4 players

In the end Jeff Williams lead the Mantis to a victory over Chris Martin of the Crab. Rumor has it the two agreed before their battle that, no matter the outcome, the winner would choose to save the Great Carpenter Wall from corruption. Surely all of Rokugan can rest easier in their beds knowing it will yet stand to deliver us from the Shadowlands hordes.

Next up we have the SoCal Kotei in Montclair, California. Reports are still coming in, but clan breakdown appears to be as follows:

Crab Clan – 2 Players
Crane Clan – 4 Players
Dragon Clan – 5 Players
Lion Clan – 6 or 7 Players
Mantis Clan – 4 Players
Phoenix Clan – 4 Players
Scorpion Clan – 4 Players
Spider Clan – 5 or 6 Players
Unicorn Clan – 3 Players

The final battle came down to Dragon vs. Dragon, hearkening back to their intraclan conflict that shocked the audience of the Winter Court. Ultimately the teachings of Tamori Tamoko lead Jason Marlis to victory over Jim Chin’s Hojatsu trained military. In true Dragon fashion, it was said Marlis selected to enshrine the legendary Niten Technique.

Next week will be another big day. In addition to celebrating the Ascension of the Mantis Festival we have three Kotei, this time in New Hampshire, Washington, and the Philippines. Stay tuned as we’ll have tournament reports up as soon as our informant report in!

Doji Kuribe

A Crane master of courts, Doji Kuribe brings the Kolat news of significant happenings from across Rokugan. On a hiatus since Diamond, he has recently returned to the Emerald Empire. He joined the Kolat Informant in February 2015.