My Bounties for Spring 2015 Kotei

Updated 4/24/15

Things have already gotten interesting already in the season.

Adam Carey posted this via the L5R Facebook group:

We Scorpion are very appreciative of the Mantis saving our icons. And to thank them, I’m posting a bounty – any Spider player that wins a Kotei and chooses a Mantis icon to be corrupted gets $50. $100 to the one that takes down the Shrine to Yoritomo. An additional $50, or $150 for the Shrine to Yoritomo to the first Spider player to corrupt a Mantis icon. So that’s $100 for the first Spider to corrupt a Mantis icon, or $250 if it’s the Shrine. I plan on playing Spider at any other Kotei I attend, and I encourage my Scorpion brethren to do the same.
Again, the Scorpion Clan would like to thank the Mantis Clan for their assistance.

and my our rebuttal:

Since this has created a small rivalry between the Mantis and the Scorpion, I’m posting a bounty.  Our efforts are however to harbor good will between the Mantis and the other clans.  We are not here to antagonize the Scorpion.  We are here to save those icons precious to us and those that are precious to other clans as well.

To any player from any non-Scorpion, non-Spider clan who chooses the following Mantis icon to be artistically saved, the bounty is set at $350 (4/5/15):

Tsuruchi Archery School Claimed by Jon Palmer (4/18/15)

Yoritomo’s Kama Claimed by François Carrière (5/16/15)

If a Mantis or Crab player choose to save Shrine to Yoritomo, that player will receive $250. Corrupted 🙁

These are my only bounties currently.  Any additional bounties will be posted here :). Updated (5/20/15)

Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.