Spring 2015 Kotei Season – Week 3 Report

As Twenty Festivals draws ever closer we’re sadly forced to watch Ivory Edition Kotei come to an end to make way for the new. This week marks the Remembrance of Toturi Festival and, with most of the Empire’s samurai reverently observing the holiday, we only have a single Kotei to report on.

This week’s solitary Kotei was in Knoxville, Tennessee and is one of the biggest yet this year. It was a full battlefield with 62 players in the mix. All nine Great Clans had solid representation with at least five players each. Mantis had the strongest showing with 9 players.

Before we get to the final, let’s talk a bit about Enlightenment. As reports began coming in from the Kotei there started to a bit of buzz about one player in particular, Tan Ahmad. Tan brought the Dragon Clan into the Top 8 with multiple Enlightenment victories against a variety of decks. Despite suffering a defeat at the hands of Aaron Barto’s Mantis, Tan’s run is proof that good construction and good playing can lead you to victory even with the most difficult of win conditions.

In the finals Jon Palmer lead the Mantis to their fourth Kotei win edging out David Lapp’s Scorpion. For his Icon choice, Palmer selected to safeguard Kyuden Kitsune, ensuring that the ancestral home of the Fox would be safe from corruption.

Next week we have just a single Kotei in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Will we see another week of Mantis dominance? This Kolat agent will be spending the coming weeks testing, building, and preparing for Twenty Festivals, but stay tuned because we’ll still have your weekly Kotei reports.

Doji Kuribe

A Crane master of courts, Doji Kuribe brings the Kolat news of significant happenings from across Rokugan. On a hiatus since Diamond, he has recently returned to the Emerald Empire. He joined the Kolat Informant in February 2015.