The Pincers and The Claws

Subversive_InfluenceIt has come to my attention via one of our more prominent agents that we are being targeted by The Dojo of Lies:


So in January the Scorpion Clan voted to use their points from the 2014 Kotei season to secure a “Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals”. Many of us assumed that this would be against the Lion, as we are war with them and they’re basically a bunch of dicks.

However, I would like to instead appeal to everyone to support using this result to strike at the Kolat. As a group the Kolat occupy a weird place in the L5R universe- as they aren’t a Clan they are rarely legitimate targets for attack via storyline prizes, but because they have the support of a relatively high number of top level American players they can often still have an effect on the storyline. This provides a rare opportunity to hit them, one we haven’t had since the Race when we destroyed their Hidden Fortress and stole the Oni’s Eye.

It is my personal feeling is that fighting the Kolat is the purpose of the Scorpion. Hunting Goju and protecting the Second Pit are both important tasks, but they are ones that the Crab or the Inquisitors are equally capable of engaging in. The Kolat are beyond the capabilities of most other Clans- few even acknowledge they exist. Whilst the Spirit Realms provide counter-balances to hinder the power and growth of Jigoku, it falls upon mortals to defend the Empire from the treasonous actions of the Kolat, actions that would destroy Rokugan as surely as a horde of beasts from the Shadowlands.

Now I think most people will agree that the last time we struck the Kolat it didn’t feel like it amounted to much- since we only really see fictions where the Kolat succeed and we didn’t use the Eye for anything it certainly felt like a bit of a waste. However I have much more faith in the current Story Team to see where the interests of each Clan’s players lie, and that if we do decide to go with this that it’ll feel like it has more of a pay-off.

I’ve spoken with some of the AEG guys about this, and they said that if enough people show support for this idea they’ll go forward with it, most likely by including it as a voting option if they continue with the polls. So I’m asking for those that support or disagree with the plan to post in this thread, just a short message stating as much. There’s a separate thread for more discussion on the topic for people who want to argue for or against it, I’d like to keep this one relatively clean and easy to assess for any of the AEG guys that check it out.

So the Scorpion want to use their points from last year’s Kotei season to take us down?

Game on gentleman, but be warned.  We are what your ninja fear.  We strike without warning, without suspicion, without fear.  There is no escape from the Tiger.

Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.