Spring 2015 Kotei Season – Week 12 Report

As we approach two months of Twenty Festivals legal Kotei, some definite trends have started to emerge, but there are always opportunities to be surprised. Week 12 of the spring 2015 season was no exception.

In Fonbeauzard, France François Carriere defeated JB Corbier, scoring another win for the Mantis. Lion have been underperforming a bit this season, but still managed to make it to the final round and giving them a bit more hope at toward a Kotei win. Contrary to recent Mantis aggression, François went for a safe choice and picked Yoritomo’s Kama to be safe against the coming storm.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina the Mantis/Crab alliance was tested as Nicolas Altomonte scored another Mantis victory over Leon Marcilla and the followers of Hida. Rather than test the alliance, the winner chose to safeguard Amaterasu Seido, shrine to Lady Sun and the training grounds of the Moshi family.


Finally in Austin, Texas the Twenty Festivals Extended environment proved somewhat less friendly to the Mantis. Earlier this season Kotei winner Daniel Landrum and the Crab Clan went head to head against Andrew Young and the Unicorn. After a hard-fought match Andrew Young pulled through and scored the Unicorn their first Twenty Festivals win and their second overall this season. In the interest of Death Priests wielding thunder magic, Andrew chose a hostile save of Thunder Dragon Bay.


Next week is a big one. There are four Kotei upcoming this weekend altogether. Samurai of the Empire will be battling it out in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Columbia, South Carolina; Sheffield, UK; and Athens, Greece. With so many events anything can happen, so stay tuned to the Kolat Informant!

Doji Kuribe

A Crane master of courts, Doji Kuribe brings the Kolat news of significant happenings from across Rokugan. On a hiatus since Diamond, he has recently returned to the Emerald Empire. He joined the Kolat Informant in February 2015.