Spring 2015 Kotei Season – Week 13 Report

Greetings Kolat Informant readers! The last few days the online L5R world has been buzzing about the first previews of Thunderous Acclaim that have been popping up on the Alderac site, the Imperial Herald, as well as the clan forums. But before that started happening, weren’t there some Kotei the previous weekend? In fact there were four!

First up is Athens Greece. Crane and Phoenix, the two classic honor clans, went head to head in a military vs. military matchup. Pavlos Toufidis used the already well-known Sachina military style to overpower Dimitris Giannakis’ shugenja military, saving the famous Doji Courtier School.

Sheffield, UK is up next with a massive showing of 63 players. The age-old Crab/Crane rivalry showed up in a military matchup in the final. Sachina military once again showed its teeth as Chris Chubb defeated James Cameron’s Tsujiken shugenja military, a deck type some had declared dead after the environmental corrections to Tsujiken sensei. Word is that Chris Chubb made a distinctly non-military choice in saving Shinden Asahina.

Columbia, SC is our third Kotei from the week. Adam Clark took the Phoenix to another final match, but Steve Pulumbo and the Scorpion clan pulled off the win. No official word on decklists yet, but forum reports indicate Scorpion military and Phoenix honor. Pulumbo chose to save the Second Wall, likely a prudent choice given the darkness on the horizon.

The last Kotei of the week was Green Bay, WI. Hans de Moel played Mantis in the finals against Jim Werner playing Spider. Mantis won this one, but it’s worth noting that Jim Werner’s Spider deck was a very unconventional choice, a Kobi Sensei conspiracy deck. Hans de Moel chose to save Kyuden Gotei pending story team approval.

Week 14 of the Kotei season marks the Blessing of the Beloved Princess festival and there are another three Kotei lined up: Prescott, Arizona; Szczyrk, Poland; and Albury, New South Wales, Australia. As a matter of fact, since I’m a bit late this week some of those Kotei are probably underway already. Best of luck to the competitors, and stay tuned to the Kolat Informant for reports from those tournaments!

(Edit: Originally I listed the Puerto Rico Kotei as being this week. It’s actually next week. I either had an old copy of the event listing or made an error when editing. Sorry about that)

Doji Kuribe

A Crane master of courts, Doji Kuribe brings the Kolat news of significant happenings from across Rokugan. On a hiatus since Diamond, he has recently returned to the Emerald Empire. He joined the Kolat Informant in February 2015.