Storms Never Fall

Subversive_InfluenceWe began as just a minor clan.  Today we become the GREATEST clan.

Many of you know that I am a diehard Mantis fan and player.  I began playing after the Second Day of Thunder, after the legacy that created the legend of Yoritomo.  Yoritomo’s Alliance eventually broke up at the end of the Jade Era after the Kitsune went rogue.  What was left of the clan was asked by Yoritomo Aramasu to go to the Ivory Kingdoms and fight for the Maharaja against the impending cultists of Kali-Ma.  They helped keep the Maharaja in power, staving off the cultists of Kali-Ma for many years.  During this time, the Mantis weren’t apart of the CCG but none the less they did a great service for the Empire, one that many in the Empire did not know or understand.

As most of you have read, the Mantis will stand against the wave of Jigoku to save the Empire at the order of Emperor Iweko II.

No clan has ever had a scene like what is unfolding this year.  You could compare what is happening to the Mantis clan as a moment from the movie 300, the sacrifice that King Leonidas and the brave Spartans that died holding off the wave of Persian army.

The Mantis clan will once again be shattered like they were when Yoritomo turned to the Water Dragon and said “I am my twenty strongest samurai” when he sacrificed himself to save his clan at the end of the Jade arc.  Our island homes and our Naval presence will need to be rebuilt.  The head family of the Mantis, the Yoritomo, will be devastated beyond believe.  The other families of the Mantis: the Wasp (Tsuruchi), the Centipede (Moshi), and the Fox (Kitsune) will have their loyalty to the clan tested.

During the duration of the Onyx arc, the Mantis Clan will not be receiving a Stronghold.  We will be returning to our roots as mercenary for hire during this time.  We will also have choices to be made.

For the past month or so, I have had the honor of serving my clan as part of the Mantis Clan Council:

Jason Ballard
Melissa Bowers
Chris Medico
Dan Dineen
James Bosserman
David Hanson
Bradley Reeves (me)

We have been communicating with AEG officials about this story itself.  The sacrifice of the Yoritomo family was not some that could be changed.  To say that we were not all devastated at first was a huge understatement.

We have helped direct the options that we were given to start.  You have each seen the options we were given and I have my opinion of our choices.

After the Storm

Rebuilding THE greatest clan will take time.  This choice intrigues me simply because it is a massive uphill climb.  If we try to rebuild with the wrong person, we may never be the same.

The Great Alliance

This idea is VERY intriguing.  I played in that era (Jade) and loved minor clan alliance.  I don’t expect all of the Minor Clans to accept an invitation but if chosen I do expect several to step forward.  We have ties to the Boar, the Suzume, the Tortoise, the Badger, the Bat, and of course the Fox, Wasp and Centipede.  Too bad there isn’t 20 minor clans to rally under one banner.

The New Order

The Kolat in me LOVES this idea.  Several families of other clans, like the Ide and the Yasuki deal in this but never an entire clan.  I just don’t think that the rest of the clan would back us in that endeavor but they might.

The Path of the Wave Men

This addition gives some interesting addition.  Toturi’s Army was also one of the games classic clans.  Being able to add these wave men to the ranks could be epic…if the right leader was found to unite them.

Note to the other clans and players

To those clans and players who think that this is the end for us, Yoritomo said: “Storms never fall.”

Only the Mantis had the courage to form their own minor clan.

Only the Mantis had the courage to demand they become a great clan.

Only the Mantis have a man become a Kami rather than being born one.

Only the Mantis had the courage to stand against the darkness to save Rokugan.

It isn’t a matter of IF we will be back.

It is only a matter of WHEN and HOW epic will it be.





Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.