Thunderous Acclaim Draft Review – Uncommon Dynasty & Sensei

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Common Dynasty

Common Fate


Exodus of the Spider

Without Hira Sensei the opportunity cost of running this over a personality is too high for most decks.


Bamboo Irrigation

This does nowhere near enough to warrant inclusion in the majority of decks.

Combat Drill Field

If you’re Lion, Dragon or Unicorn and you’ve picked up 3 commanders (which only exist at higher rarities) or you’re on the Mess Hall plan this can do strong enough work to justify running a 1 for 1.


You usually won’t get mileage from the trait but when you do it’s a nice upside to a quality holding.

Hasty Defences

It’s difficult to evaluate how much of a difference +1PS makes especially when it only applies to 50% of your games too. I reckon it’s fine to fill out your holdings.

Peaceful Retreat

Great efficiency with a trait that can turn what is normally pure downside into upside for honour decks. You’re nearly always going to be very pleased with this.


Kaiu Gizen

Gizen plays so badly with the rest of the Crab guys. Dud.

Kuni Soseki

Any personality that costs more than seven has to offer a lot to be playable but Soseki fits the bill and is a good option for a curve topper. The force to gold is pretty bad but a good strike and surviving a losing effort makes Soseki an option. All you need is good enough gold.

Doji Hoshihana

The open is a virtual blank so you’re leaning heavily on netting a card for her to be good enough.

Doji Moro

It looks difficult to net the force bonus but that’s hardly a slight on what represents a good deal.

Kitsuki Mizukabe

Excellent defensively and good on offense Mizukabe offers flexibility to a clan that can be awkward to draft (More on this in the set overview).

Tamori Mabasu

Solid aggressive option that can sometimes prove to be a nightmare with Hirakura’s Attendant.

Akodo Naotaka

A very conditional force pump that can backfire is an awful deal.

Matsu Hideyuki

Hideyuki is very unexciting without utilising the Reserve.

Kitsune Narako

This doesn’t mesh well with the other Mantis dudes and is conditional and slow. Utter dross.

Yoritomo Kyunan

The only peasant weapon is Swordcatcher at rare so he’s in the same spot as Matsu Hideyuki.

Asako Nashimoto

A touch expensive but it’s flexible enough to fit in any archetype.

Isawa Fujisawa

The ability is good but in the best case scenario of recruiting Fujisawa and paying for the spell this is quite a sink that generally won’t provide a big enough swing.

Shosuro Wayari

Good force to gold dumb force.

Soshi Mumoshi

You can only make the ability good with Poisoned Shuriken but this is still efficient enough to be played with no complaints.

Daigotsu Onita

Don’t get fooled, this is just aggressively costed dumb force. That’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Goju Kenteiru

More cheap good dumb force. Exactly where you want to be with Spider.

Utaku Masako

Sure, it starts off small but it scales so well over the course of a game that it becomes a big headache for the opponent. Masako is a premium personality.

Utaku Zo Sia

Great tool for an honour deck. Throw her away on a sacrificial D to rebuy her later in the game for an honour boost to your heart’s content. You’ll never want to play more than one but man, is that first copy sweet.


Another very difficult to use Ashigaru for very little gain.


Hakahime Sensei

This inhibits your gold so badly for a negligible gain. Avoid at all costs.

Hira Sensei

This intrigues me. The cost of running an event is usually running it over a personality so you have less action going on when you flip said event. Being able to mitigate that somewhat is something I’m interested in.

There are only three events in the set, two of which are at rare so people are not going to want to pick this up so you can comfortably expect to see it late and with 2+ events this is worth the effort.

Note that the limit on actions counts both the open to put them into play and any abilities they grant.

Ichigo Sensei

Free incidental honour gains for doing good things is the stuff of dreams for honour decks. Take it, love it.

Yajinden Sensei

So your only personalities have to be Spider and of those only two have fear abilities but Kanpeki gives your whole team fear abilities so to run this you have to:

  1. Run the table on Spider

  2. Get Kanpeki

  3. ?????

  4. Profit

Assuming you do that this has an good payoff as it will blank some number of your opponent’s fate deck. Not good enough to force the archetype though.

On Friday it shall be Uncommon Fate so I shall see you then.

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