Thunderous Acclaim Draft Review – Uncommon Fate

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Uncommon Dynasty and Sensei


Village Defenders

There are few relevant Ashigaru to straighten so I wouldn’t raise your hopes over this one unless you’ve picked up a couple of Fresh Recruits.


Flawless Naginata

This looks a step below the best big common attachments but if you miss out on them this is a fine substitute. The focus value can end up being a real drawback though as your out to drawing big attachments in a bad spot is to discard them for the SH.

Kano’s Tessen

The engage is difficult to use so this is just solid dumb force.

Master Bowman’s Yumi

The strike being one larger than Flawless Naginata makes all the difference as it kills most personalities and puts it over the top of the big common attachments.

Poisoned Shuriken

A third of the personalities in the set are targets for this, bowing through attachments is a big game and it’s dirt cheap. Shuriken is absolutely incredible and one of the best cards in the set.

Reinforced Yari

This is way worse than the other options in the big attachment role.

Shield of the Honoured Soul

The force to gold ratio is good and it offers protection against one of the ways of offing a dude with an item.


Nourished by Fallen Leaves

Extremely conditional and fragile force pumps are not the way to go.

Numinous Mantra

It’s hard to imagine a situation where you’d want to get off two spells that only target your own guys that is high enough impact to warrant running Mantra.

On Storm-Borne Wings

This is very annoying early and generally won’t get weaker over the course of the game if you can get a follower or item on the same personality.

The Spaces In-Between

Movement is thin on the ground so you’re not looking for this effect unless it has the utility of Be Silent!

Trick of Moon’s Light

The only air shuggie is Soshi Mumoshi and using this to defend instead of putting him there isn’t worth a fate card.


Caught Among Thieves

Unless you have a few Magistrates and can consistently oppose a dishonoured guy this is a pretty poor deal.

Distracting Paranoia

Getting the ability of Poisoned Shuriken without having to sink gold, telegraph the ability and leave it vulnerable was the only possible way you could have sweetened the deal. I called Shuriken one of the best cards in the set and this is even better.

Inexorable Advance

This can be good provided you have enough 3+ force followers but it’s too situational for my tastes.

Kharma’s First Form

A stone do nothing.

Leave It Abandoned

If you’ve got a couple of forts in your honour deck this is a free honour gain that can also produce some gold if that has some relevance. Expect to see it very late too.

Ruby Ascendance

There are enough force altering effects that this is always going to be live.

Sundered Blade

Lion and Spider are best placed to blow something up but you hardly need to have a duelist in order for this to be playable.

The Dark Sword’s Lunacy

Moving back into a battle is hard to achieve in this format so assuming you can jump the targeting hurdles this is going to be a good one.


It would be Unforgivable to play this outside of Scorpion leaning on Chizuken. In fact this is the only reason to play multiples of Chizuken. I also have a problem with the design. Not having a one turn duration for the discipline just creates memory issues.

Monday is rare dynasty so I shall see you then.

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