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Hello and welcome back.

So now we’ve gotten the card by card out of the way it’s time to start looking at the format as a whole.


I’m on the fence about Compassion. I like that it scales your dudes over the course of a game but it feels like it can also slow a game down where players will be afraid to attack because of the buffs they’ll be producing on their opponent’s board.

I really dislike the skinning of it. Nothing about it feels like Compassion. It feels more like revenge if anything. If you think I’m missing something on the flavour of the mechanic please let me know.

Gold and Attachments

The chances of opening a quality holding are .91 (29 per table) which is pretty good and necessary to support the bigger attachments that excel in Thunderous Acclaim. I define a quality holding as one that produces 3 or more gold and costs less than or equal to the amount it produces plus one. Examples: 4 for 3 and 3 for 3s are quality holdings. A 5 for 3 is not.

Most of the best attachments cost 5+ gold and you can afford to take a couple high early without starting the draft with a quality holding or two because the gold situation is favourable to that style of play. The opportunity cost between making an attachment or another guy will usually fall in favour of the attachment as they are in a really interesting spot this time around as rather than being a good form of protection for your personalities they are often going to have better abilities than your dudes.

This is an environment crafted for big attachments to shine. They have a big impact on the game and it’s hard to get rid of them. Respect them and have a plan for them. That being said not running them gives you much more freedom when it comes to drafting your holdings as most clan combinations skew quite cheap.

Fear and Strikes

Fear has a bit of a role reversal here as the smaller effects are typically better for taking out personalities rather than followers. Focus values at common skew low, in particular 4FV is thin on the ground at all rarities and only some of those are playable so using the SH to target The Thundering Death for example isn’t easy. There are also sparingly few Courage cards with just four at uncommon so fear effects are tough to utilise.

Strikes are far better at getting followers and some personality and weapon combos because Unwanted Tutelage and force penalties can put them in range.

Clan By Clan Breakdown


Common Focuses: Military

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military and Honour Support

Suppon’s strength and Igarasu’s flexibility make Crab both good and easy to pair up with other military minded clans. Above common you have quite the range on what you can do. I’ve classified Crab as honour support but it requires things breaking well to be a thing.


Common Focuses: Honour and Military

Higher Rarity Focuses: Honour

With the commons paying attention to what’s open with Crane is a necessity. Figuring out which archetype you should be moving in on can make or break your draft. The Crane at higher rarities are hit and miss but skew a fair amount towards honour which is something to bear in mind. Because of those factors I like the thought of using Crane as a secondary clan to ease the burden of them.


Common Focuses: Military and Honour

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military and Honour Support

Dragon are in the same boat as Crane when it comes to role. However, their uncommons and rares are markedly better and more flexible so there’s less inherent risk.


Common Focuses: Military and Honour Support

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military and Honour

The personality base as a whole is fine if unexciting but the big selling points are the flexibility of role which in turn enables Lion to be a main clan or secondary clan with ease.


Common Focuses: Military Support

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military Support

This is a real clunky clan and as such you don’t want to be heavy in Mantis. Supporting the big attachments becomes problematic too. I dislike Mantis and would avoid drafting them where possible.


Common Focuses: Military

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military and Honour Support

Decent commons but it gets really bad north of that. The key thing here is that both commons push in the same direction so if Phoenix are open you are far less likely to be put in a tough spot as you can be with Crane.


Common Focuses: Military

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military

The commons are good but Chizuken gets way worse once you have a couple of copies. With the Scorpion there’s no room to be confused with your role as outside of a rare they all fit into military.


Common Focuses: Military

Higher Rarity Focuses: Military

All the cards fit together but the power level of the commons is tame. Thankfully the uncommons and rares are substantially better. Outside of getting an early Kanpeki I usually wouldn’t want them to be my main clan.


Common Focuses: Military Support

Higher Rarity Focuses: Honour and Military

A good overall personality base is really hampered by the commons being underwhelming and awkward to play outside of pairing up with Dragon. Above that their cards are largely good and flexible. Unicorn require a firm buyer beware label.

Clan Ranking Weighted By Ascending Rarity

By this I mean I evaluate each clan giving primary importance to commons, secondary to uncommons and tertiary to rares.

  • 9. Mantis

  • 8. Crane

  • 7. Spider

  • 6. Unicorn

  • 5. Phoenix

  • 4. Dragon

  • 3. Lion

  • 2. Scorpion

  • 1. Crab

The highest clans are there not only in terms of power but also the ease in which they fit a win condition or conditions. I would avoid Mantis like the plague if I could help it. 4-8 are all pretty close in power level and each one has their own problem or problems going on.

Lion, Scorpion and Crab are a bit better than 4-8 but there is no out and out best clan which means there’s an even bigger edge in identifying what’s open in your seat than forcing a clan or archetype.

Putting the order of this was very difficult due to the similarity of power level and I’m really interested in where your thoughts differ from mine. My contact details are at the end of the article.


Crab/Scorpion Military

There is very little to say about this. You’re in two of the best clans and it pushes Suppon and Kanako over the top. The downside is that your pay off cards are among the best in those clans anyway so you may end up fighting with your neighbours.

Crane/Phoenix Honour

Shiba Hano is the big payoff here. The Crane personalities are a distinctly better fit than the Phoenix guys and higher rarity dudes generally aren’t doing a lot for you so you’re leaning on the commons. Even then your team is unexciting.

Lion/Mantis Military

The commons are clunky, Mantis are so bad and the payoff on Kinshikirai is situational. Avoid.

Dragon/Unicorn Switch

The payoff cards are good, you’re unlikely to encounter resistance for them and you can be flexible on your win con depending on how the draft or even a game progresses. This clan combination also addresses each other’s weaknesses. Even with Chairei and Akito getting a lot better Tameko is still the star of the show and there is even a commander subtheme at higher rarities across the clans which has some small advantages.


Every once in a while this will be open. It’s a single card strategy rather than an archetype but it’s the daddy Kanpeki. He makes most of your team hugely problematic to attack and defend against instead of just vanilla dudes. I would certainly give strong consideration to first picking him and forcing mono or near mono Shadowlands because he is that game breaking. The Looming Darkness isn’t quite good enough to build around and Yajinden Sensei doesn’t do enough without Kanpeki to make Shadowlands viable but are cards you can see going late if you’re in the deck.


This is not a thing.

Top 10 Lists



Note I didn’t include Kanpeki due to the commitment required to make him effective.

I’ve got a little reader exercise for you. You open your first pack and the two cards that stand out are Tameko and Kanpeki.


Kanpeki requires a good deal of commitment and is expensive. Kanpeki ranges from great to gamebreaking once he’s in play. Tameko is always going to be very good, she’s cheap and is splashable.

Both clans have their problems:

Dragon – Finding the correct win condition for your seat
Spider – Power level of commons

Which one do you pick?

If you wanna let me know who you picked and why please let me know via the methods of contact at the end of the article.

If you have any deck pics, lists or thoughts from your THA drafts please send them to me at my email address at the bottom and I shall try to include them over the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading.

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