Thunderous Acclaim Draft Review – Rare Fate

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Uncommon Fate

Rare Dynasty


Conscription Officer

This is pretty slow but being able to spread the followers is very good at blanking a lot of effects.

Junghar Regulars

It’s a little slow and not as good as the common options but it makes a fine substitute.

Legion of the Ninth Kami

It’s the only undead card in the set so it never interrupts but it’s still an excellent rate of return on the body.


What a beast! Decent cheap body with a good strike that is sometimes a freeroll is close to unpassable.


Box of Secrets

The effect is nowhere near consistent or powerful enough to be worth playing.

Inevitable Victory

Even slower than Conscription Officer without the upside.


Good force and tempo swing for a low cost item makes this pretty sweet.


Seeking Answers

I wouldn’t pick this high but it’s a fine middle of pack pick. You’re likely to get a big enough advantage off it to make it worthwhile.

Stepping Behind the Tapestry

Only one air shugenja in the set that’s at uncommon and it doesn’t protect the attachments either. Stains.

Terrible Revelations

This represents a tiny force gain in the vast majority of cases so avoid.


Accepting the Choice

Paying two gold and two fate cards for your best fate card is a losing proposition.

Amethyst Adjunct

Massive do nothing does nothing.

Battlefield Challenge

This is more like it. The big question with duels is whether the payoff is worth the risk and in this case it certainly is for honour decks.

Darkness Inside

You have to be Scorpion/Spider and have a critical mass of ninjas to make this worthwhile so once in a blue moon this will be good.

Intimidation Tactic

The timing is good but the effect won’t be good enough without the destruction clause on.

Ivory Ascendance

You have to be able to cantrip this to make it a 20th card. Pass.

Ominous Rumours

A situational card that your opponent decides the effect of is terrible.

Onyx Ascendance

It really isn’t hard to trade up with this and getting another body out of the deal makes for a great force and tempo swing. A top ten card for sure.

Secret Alliances

Only five courtiers in the set and it requires a big gold sink to draw a card and get a small honour gain. It’s safe to say this shouldn’t be anywhere near your fate deck.

Strength of the Torrent

Strength represents great value and can even minimise the effectiveness of penalty negation effects in two ways.

Swifter than Sight

Most of the weapons have proactive abilities so this is usually going to be awkward to keep up.

The Looming Darkness

Very difficult to use as a tempo play I envision it as a big payoff for being mono/near mono Spider.

Turquoise Adjunct

You want to make this super early, have cards you’re willing to discard and a spare personality to keep bowing. Urgh.

Walking with the Water

Movement effects aren’t especially great in THA but this still interacts with the favour and can also nuke a terrain for free which is good enough for military.

Walls of Death

So there’s only two fortifications and they’re both quality so if you’ve managed to get 3+ copies of them this makes for a good late game trick.

Next up is the set overview.

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