Should We Take A Cue From The Star Wars CCG Player Committee?


With the death of the L5R CCG by AEG, I have had a thought recently about how to continue this version.  Obviously, with AEG no longer having rights to the IP and FFG stating to the effect that the game will change under there watch, normally this would be the end.

SWCCGPC-LogoBut one such CCG has lived on now 14 years after the game’s last printed booster pack.  I speak of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game by Decipher.  While the game only lasted 6 years (1995-2001), the agreement between Decipher and LucusFilms Ltd. allowed the formation of the Star Wars CCG Players Committee (  This agreement happened even though the license for the game went to Hasbro and eventually to Fantasy Flight Games.

So why do I believe that this process can do the same thing for L5R CCG?

Several reasons actually.

Complicated Game

You need to remember your math skills for this card.

You need to remember your math skills for this card.

There isn’t a question that the Decipher Star Wars and L5R CCG were both complicated games for new players to learn.  Each game had a very deep complexity but was very rewarding for those who learned the game.  Movement, dueling, fighting on multiple fronts, and resource management were used in both games.  Also both games required the use of 2 decks (Star Wars you had to have a Light Side deck for one game and a Dark Side deck for the other game).


I understand that Star Wars has a MUCH larger fan base but our passions run deep.  Very deep.  I know that even Star Wars fans were a little PO’d after hearing the Expanded Universe was being removed as no longer canon (Grand Admiral Thrawn….NOOOOO!)

Design, Development, and Rule Issues

The issues on the L5R side we have all experienced.  Some of you might not be as familiar with the Decipher Star Wars but they also had similar issues.  From the low end of Jabba’s Palace to the power of Endor, Death Star II, Reflections II, Reflections III, and all the Episode I expansion, the game had issues with power level of both individual cards and strategies.  There were issues with the rules team members and design team members not agreeing on wording vs. intent.  Anyone else notice a pattern here?

The Abrupt End

There were a lot of questions about whether Decipher would keep the license for Episode II: Attack of the Clones or not but even that was abrupt end of the players even if Decipher knew about it sooner.  L5R went on in front of the camera but went silent behind the scenes (during the negotiations process) until the announcement on September 11th, 2015.

So what do you think?

Yoritomo Arashi

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