New Player Driven Format: Voting on Basic Rules

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about a Player Driven Format similar to the Star Wars Players Committee here and we let the players decide whether we would continue to pursue this endeavor.  Of the votes received, 56.1% chose Yes and 21.1% chose Maybe.

Today, we begin looking in making that choose a reality.  To do so, we will need your help.

We want this format to be the most fun for the most players.  In doing so, we are asking for your input on several major issues to begin the process.

The first set of votes is about rules.

These are major rules like Blood Money, Clan Discount, Equipping (being Open or Limited), Cycling, Staring Holdings vs. Legacy Holding, Gold Pooling, etc.

Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.