A Legacy Ruleset to Enjoy

After some research, lengthy discussions, and a few games, I have hereby disband my attempt at creating a base ruleset.  The reason that I came to this conclusion is due to the fact that one already exists.

As many of you know, there are groups who play legacy formats constantly.  One of the more prominent groups is over in the Philippines.  They have a Facebook group called Fortress of the Forgotten.

On October 24th, 2015, a new ruleset was devised for use by the players who only play Legacy formats.  This ruleset is called The Obsidian Hand, named after The Jade Hand Council that once was the voice of Legacy.  One of the founders of the format, Kwek, has been having health issues so the full information is not up yet.

The Obsidian Hand is a Legacy format ruleset designed for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.

This ruleset’s primary goal is to make the game easier to understand without sacrificing strategic depth.

The following are ideals wherein this is based on:
> Mechanical Identity
> Avoiding Rules Complications
> Card Interaction
> Lessen Abuse
> Feedback and Player Impact

In the meantime, the Kolat Informant will post the information that is available here.  We stand behind this ruleset and the goals that they are attempting to accomplish.  Link to the information I have here.

Now, this ruleset is still evolving and they want input.  They have a discussion group over on Facebook if you are interested in joining.

Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.