Shiro Big Deck Rules Update: Tanuki Edition


Our spies among the Clans found the following information posted by Antonio Calderon on the L5R Facebook group:

A new edition and some changes for BigDeck:

Hello folks. I’d like to share with you the official rulebook of BigDeck! There’s a link to this document at as well. The main goal of this document was to have one place where every keyword could be listed and defined, instead of having to go to 2 or 3 different sources. It should also be easier to be able to reference one document instead of saying “use this rule from the Ivory rulebook and this other one from the Emperor rulebook”.

With the release of this document comes three changes to the format:

1. The deck sizes are being changed to 80/80. We’ve been talking about this one for awhile. The main goal in making this shift is to open up more deck building options, especially for clans and keywords whose personality base didn’t span the entire history of the game.

2. We are bringing back the Straightening, Events, and End phases. The majority of the game was designed with these phases in existence. Instead of making rules for how to deal with cards that reference those phases, it’s just “cleaner” to bring them back.

3. Three cards have been added to the Ban List. They are the three draft strongholds that were not currently on there. With this change, all of the draft strongholds are now officially banned from the format.

As always, any feedback is always welcomed.

Yoritomo Arashi

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