The Ikoma Histories: The Day Rokugan Stood Still

l5r_featurev2On the morning of September 11th, 2015, we awoke to a major announcement that many of us were not prepared for.

The dual announcements on both the L5R page and the Fantasy Flight Games page sent shock waves throughout the gaming world.

It shock Rokugan to its core.  Many players were excited for the change but many wondered “Why now?”  The direction of L5R from what we had seen about the Onyx story arc was the best the game had been in years from a story perspective.  Many of us were excited for the future.

I know that I speak for all citizens of Rokugan when I say that L5R players have had a love / hate relationship with AEG at times.  Sometimes the game was too powerful and sometimes the game was too weak.  Despite all of the problems that we have had, we still loved this brand.

Now we shift to our new Emperor.

Change is always hard.  The announcement that told use the game was changing was difficult for many of us.  While the CCG had many problems, we still loved that game.

This has been a long, agonizing wait…and we are just over half way there.  The explosion of fandom at Gen*Con 2017 will be like nothing FFG has ever seen before.  The roar will shake the Heavens!

Don’t disappoint us, FFG.


Yoritomo Arashi

A member of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Arashi has been masterful at gathering information for the Silken Sect. The master of information founded The Kolat Informant blog in March of 2011 and The Oni's Eye Podcast in October 2013.