Black Sun Syndicate – Awakenings Metagame

Now that we have had time to acquire cards and actually have events, lets take a look at what the metagame actually looks like.

Popular 2 Character Decks

Elite Jango / Elite Veers

One of the cheapest decks to get is Jango Veers.  The deck contains no Legendary cards.

The deck is focused on Ranged Damage and can kill a character with a single roll.

The extra actions that are generated from Holdout Blaster, Tactical Mastery, Unpredictable, and Jango make these 2 a formidable team.

Where the deck can be susceptible is the low amount of health.  Veers only has 9 health and Jango only has 10.

Elite Vader / Raider

Darth Vader is a very powerful character.  He is used in both aggressive and control strategies.

Elite Vader / Raider is the more aggressive of the two decks (although it is still fairly controlling).

Vader / Elite Jabba

The Vader / Elite Jabba is heavy control but it still has potential to strike hard.  It can win through damage or through mill.

Elite Ray / Elite Han

One of the first decks that came out of Awakenings was eHan / eRey.

The combination of Rey’s ability along with all of the Ambush effects (DL–44, Holdout Blaster, Shoot First, Unpredictable, Infamous) gives this deck a huge number of consecutive actions (and a stack of shields on Han).  This allows the Han / Ray incredible damage potential.

Where the deck has problems is the occasional clunkiness of the mixed dice with regards to Melee and Ranged damage.

Elite Luke / Ackbar

In a similar vein as the Vader decks for the villains, Luke / Ackbar looks to leverage Luke’s power and use Ackbar as support.

Luke’s die is similar to Vader’s with the difference of the Focus side.  The Focus side is an integral part of this equation.  Both Luke and Ackbar have one as well as several upgrades (Force Training, Jedi Robes, Survival Gear, and a semi-‘focus’ in Datapad).

The key cards that make this deck tick are Leadership and All In.

Leadership allows you to exhaust Ackbar to ready Luke and get in more damage with him.  A well timed All In with a Focus (or 2) can allow for a massive damage hit.

You can lessen the power of this deck if you can remove Ackbar quickly due to Leadership and the 2 Focus side.

Elite Qui-Gon / Elite Rey

Shields up!

This mono blue (force user) deck spits out a ton of shields.  Rey is much easier to kill off than Qui-Gon usually, due to her lower health.

If you see a lot of this deck in your meta, you might want to pack more shield removal.

Popular 3 Character Decks

Elite Admiral Ackbar / 2 Rebel Trooper (It’s a Trap!)

Light side has some strong 3 character decks.  The Elite Ackbar / 2 Trooper deck I decided to name It’s a Trap!

This deck focuses heavily on Ranged damage and pushes multiple actions through with All In, It’s a Trap!, Squad Tactics, Holdout Blaster, Hit and Run and the Guardian keyword.  The excessive tempo packs a lot of punch in this deck

Poe Dameron \ 2 Hired Gun (Kessel Run)

Poe Dameron is a popular character with a powerful special.  The problem for him is to get the most from his special, you need resources.

This deck pairs him with 2 Hired Guns since they each have 2 resource sides and adds Datapad for extra resources.  What makes the deck powerful is the ability to use Poe Special to discard a Millennium Falcon to resolve its special side (and putting it into play for 5) and play a Hyperspace Jump for free.  This ends the current turn and let’s you switch the Battlefield as well.  This loop can be repeated.  Typically this goes by the name Hyperspace Loop but I’m calling this deck Kessel Run.

Elite Bala-Tik / First Order Storm Trooper / Jango Fett

This deck is being called the ‘scariest’ deck in the Awakenings metagame.

Most of you guys know that I thought that Bala-Tik, Jango, and Tusken Raider were some of the best characters in the game since they all broke fundamental rules.  Now solid yellow is a lot of fun and quite powerful but it seems as if pairing it with Red gives it more options.

DH-17, F-11D, along with Dug In, Cannon Fodder, Tactical Mastery and The Best Defense… give the deck more Ranged Firepower and more versatile cards than Yellow currently has.

Both Jango and Bala are dangerous and need to be dealt with quickly if you want to survive.  If you are playing a 2 character deck, Jango needs to go first.

If you are playing a 3 or more character deck, Bala-Tik usually is the one you need to target first.

Final Thoughts

Now, these are not all of the decks that you will come across, but these are the ones that I’ve seen the most in tournament reports and posts.


Yoritomo Arashi

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