Black Sun Syndicate – Star Wars Destiny News from GAMA Day 1

“GAMA trade show was yesterday (industry convention for the business end of the tabletop gaming industry). Here’s the text from a Reddit post about it from Brian Alan.

FFG had a presentation on Destiny yesterday, and here were highlights from it…

  • Awakenings was in production since June, with heavy production issues. Awakenings would’ve shipped around October or so to reach stores in Dec 1 (assume production continued up to Nov or so before shifting to SoR).
  • Awakenings original print run was the largest print run of a game in FFG history
  • Pre-orders were abysmal. It sounds like one store (guessing Team Covenant) pre-ordered more boxes than all but one of the DISTRIBUTORS did. FFG thought the game was DOA.
  • SoR went into production in Nov/Dec.
  • After game took off, production team was working with China factories 24/7 to increase production lines and multiply the amount of production they could do
  • Reprint of Awakenings is NOT a small reprint. It’s a “huge leap of faith” and a gigantic print. Will it satisfy demand? They don’t know, due to the game being a “runaway train”
  • SoR print run was also increased big time due to the demand for Awakenings
  • You will be able to play with just SoR cards
  • SoR releases in waves, just one print run (assuming they are still printing more SoR for later waves of SoR)
  • Set 3 will be available in early fall
  • Holiday = Base set. Always will be in print in both starters and expansions to get people into the game
  • Preview event for set 2 didn’t go how they wanted, they planned not to do it due to logistics. When product was being loaded on ships, they realized they had a brief window to air ship a tiny amount of product for preview events. They decided some product will be better than none. They weren’t able to do the preview event to their standards and FFG apologies for it and says it’s the last time something like that will happen.
  • Starters in store on March 30th – they were headed for mid April, but they managed. New reprint of starters already happening and starters will be printed until Base Set (Set 4) comes out
  • SoR was going to be smaller at first, but they have ramped it up and is significantly bigger than Awakenings
  • 1-time reprint of Awakenings is because demand caught everyone off guard. Numbers in November was a pathetic
  • SoR Preview Kits are being re-printed and will be allocated so stores can host “launch” events with the promo cards and their Wave 1 allotments of SoR
  • FFG says Set 2 is very balanced and it’s a good entry point
  • Only 160 / 162 cards in SoR
  • SoR shipping in 2 /3 waves
  • Future starters may be tournament legal (30 decks) and they may evaluate putting in enough incentive for players to buy 2 of each (hello Force Throw / Mind Probe)
  • SoR print run “dramatically” bigger than Awakenings (which itself was the largest print run that FFG has ever done)
  • FFG does have rights to Episode VIII and plans to exploit those rights
  • Customer service on messed up dice / cards / mis collation will be changing. Announcement coming soon, tons of product being sent over for that purpose
  • More quarterly kits coming — store championships, nationals and regional coming soon too”

Future Promo Kit Prizes

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