Kolat Information Network – L5R LCG News from GAMA day 1

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Today at GAMA, many companies came to talk about their products for release this year.

Notes were transposed by Josh Fohrman, who was at the event:

  • We bought this property for more than just doing a card game. – Steve Horvath
  • “Players will still have impact on the storyline. Will it work the same way as AEG? No.”
  • Zero compatibility with the old game
  • Design Team
    • Lead designer is Nate French
    • Co-designers are Erik Dahlman (played the original L5R) and Brad Andres
  • Koteis will work differently but they will still have them.  8 koteis in the world over a 12 month span (similar to the System Open Series from X-Wing)
  • Store championships, opens, Nationals and World Championships are slated and it WILL be in at November Worlds
  • “Biggest initial print run for an LCG they’ve ever done.”
  • Big opening event at Gen*Con that will be broadcast around the world
  • Same rotation as other lcgs
  • “Dynasty packs” are monthly releases
  • Big boxes will be clan based.  Wouldn’t comment on what clans
  • $39.95 MSRP for Core Set
  • You will only need to purchase 2 Core Sets to have a playset of each card for L5R.
  • Marketing kick off – April 19 – Mark your Calendars!

Small Tidbit that Steve eluded to but we did not see on camera:

He mentioned that there was a ‘fan’ of cards that they had up earlier in the day that showed the card types but because 1 character in that group would have spoiled the surprise, it was removed. Anyone at GAMA that got a picture of that earlier in the day can send it to me at Master_Silk@kolatinformant.com

Yoritomo Arashi

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