Tales from the Epitaph Exclusive Preview – Cavalry Escort

What in tarnation?  How did we get a preview?

Helps when you know the Sheriff, David Lapp.

We have a very exciting spoiler for you from Pine Box Entertainment Group for the upcoming set, Tales from the Epitaph!  With no specific release date as of yet, we give you a very exclusive look at a spoiler from the set:

It was Jonas’s Name A Card win from the Outlaw Series.

That card name looks familiar…Oh yeah, it was a L5R card.

Back to the reason you’re here, the spoiler.  What makes this Horse so good is the React.  First you get to move the dude in before taking casualties, so you have some leeway with who and what get left for dead.  The next line of text is really solid too:

Reacts cannot increase casualties this round.

We all know how dangerous those cards can be.  Flame-Thrower and Evanor like add to the casualty count.  Ah, how does that protection feel?

Yoritomo Arashi

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