Legend of the Five Rings LCG Preview – Utaku Infantry

Welcome to #UnicornWeek.

After the grand return of the famed Ree Soesbee yesterday to the world of Rokugan, we continue with a preview card for the Unicorn.  While the Unicorn have the largest cavalry force in the Empire, our preview card today is actually a member of their infantry forces:

While a 0 MIL / 0 POL / 1 Glory character doesn’t seem like much, Utaku Infantry gets rather large depending upon the number of participating Unicorn characters you control during a conflict.  In a swarm style offensive deck, he would pack a potent punch.

We are just under 14 days till the loudest crowd in Gen*Con 50 year History!

-Yoritomo Arashi

Yoritomo Arashi

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