More Than Meets the Eye – The Odd Couple

Welcome to our strategy article series for Transformers TCG, More Than Meets the Eye.

I’ve seen a lot of articles about ranking cards and specific tribes (cards, trucks, planes, tanks, etc).

I’m going to do something a bit different.  I’m going to suggest some different but interesting team ideas.

Shockwave (11 Stars) + Inferno (12 Stars)

This is not a team you’d think of as working but it has plenty of potential.  Two character teams are usually at a disadvantage since they will regularly face 3 and 4 character teams.  Despite this, both Shockwave and Inferno have 3 Defense, making it difficult to bash through early on.

Get the paddles!

The biggest reason why this team works so well is the synergy of their abilities.  Inferno can return all upgrades on a character to their owner’s hand when flipping to Alt Mode.  While Shockwave is in Bot Mode, anytime the opponent discards a card, he must deal 1 damage to a character.  So what happens when a character is fully suited up with 3 upgrades and you have Shockwave in Bot Mode, flip Inferno to Alt Mode to bounce 3 upgrades, and then you play Security Checkpoint or System Reboot?

Saruman, will you do the honors?

Autobot Mirage (9 Stars) + Thundercracker (8 Stars) + Dinobot Snarl (7 Stars)

So why these 3?  That is a simply answer:

Let us contemplate the amount of damage I’m about to do

Action synergy.

Normally you only get to play 1 action per turn.  This team would bring along ways to draw extra cards with a few tricks to play extra actions like Brainstorm.

Brainstorm, like its cousin from MTG, is a very powerful effect.  Playing a single Brainstorm lets you play up to 2 additional actions, which could allow you to play another Brainstorm.

This helps Thundercracker use his Bot Mode to full advantage.  With a base attack of 5 + 1 for each action you play this turn, by playing a Brainstorm, any other action (let’s say Ramming Speed), and Leap Into Battle, Thundercracker is attacking for 11 before even flipping cards.


Also helping Thundercracker’s ability is Autobot Mirage when you flip to Alt Mode, letting you play an action.  This helps the consistency of boosting Thundercracker’s attack by letting you get another action in even if you don’t have a Brainstorm.

This deck would want to play a lot of actions, so it is going to need ways to draw cards.  This is why I included Dinobot Snarl.  Flipping to Alt Mode lets you draw 2 cards if your hand is empty.

Wheeljack (9 stars) + Chop Shop (6 stars) + Jetfire (10 stars)

Do you see the synergy between these 3 characters?

This one is all about the Upgrades.

Wheeljack’s abilities in both Bot and Alt mode deal with Upgrades.  When you upgrade a car (in this case Wheeljack is your only target) you draw a card then scrap a card from your hand.  This ability powers up his Bot Mode since it gives you Bold 3 if there is a Weapon in the scrap pile.

Jetfire’s Bold 1 is fine in Alt Mode but it is the synergy with both Wheeljack and Chop Shop that lets you bend the game rules.  When flipping Jetfire to Bot Mode, you get to play an Armor or Utility onto Jetfire from your scrap pile.  This lets you recur cards that you might have flipped over during an attack or defense or one that you discarded to Wheeljack or Chop Shop ability.

Chop Shop’s abilities in both Bot and Alt mode deal with upgrades.  When he attacks in Bot Mode, you can move an Upgrade from another character on to him.  This lets you move upgrades that you have either played on Wheeljack or returned to play with Jetfire over to Chop Shop.  When flipping him to Alt Mode, you scrap all upgrades on him to heal that much damage from an insecticon (in this case, Chop Shop).  This helps keep him alive and fill your scrap pile with cards for Wheeljack’s Bot Mode and Jetfire’s Bot Mode.

Are any of these ideas completely optimal?

Potentially.  Maybe not right now, but as the card pool grows, going after some synergy based decks could lead to some powerful interactions.

Until next time,

This is Soundwave signing off.