More Than Meets the Eye – Here Comes The BOOM

So this past weekend was PAX Unplugged in Phily.  Pasttime Games ran a number of Transformers TCG constructed events over the weekend.  After a number of events, I started to see a pattern forming.

It seems that we have our archetypes form in the early history of the Transformers TCG

Below is the flow of how decks in Magic The Gathering prey against one other:

My deduction has the following Rock-Scissors-Paper for Transformers:

So we have already seen this play out somewhat over the first couple of months.  The first major explored keyword was Bold.  There are already several articles by Scott Landis of to check out about Bold:

We started with decks like Orange heavy Bold decks like Dinobots, Hot Wheels, and Insecticons.

This past weekend at PAX Unplugged, Scott one again shifted the game’s meta with his Double Prime deck dubbed ‘The Touch”:

The two Primes have high power, high defense, and amazing abilities.  The deck that Scott used was a heavy blue deck with a few cards with Tough.

The next evolution in the metagame?  Heavy defensive deck with Pierce and direct damage

Here Comes The BOOM by Decepticon Soundwave

Megatron, Decepticon Leader – 10*
Darkmount, Cruel Overlord – 9*
Demolisher, Devoted Decepticon – 6*

Battle Cards
3 Inspired Leadership – B
3 Leap Into Battle – B
3 The Bigger They Are… – B
3 Hunker Down – B
3 Disarm – B
3 Brainstorm – B
3 Plasma Burst – NONE
2 Security Checkpoint – BB

3 Crushing Treads – O
3 Reinforced Plating – B
3 Forcefield – W
3 Armed Hovercraft – B
2 Handheld Blaster – BB
3 Thermal Weaponry – O

This is a first draft of this deck, but the theory behind it is to have a heavy blue deck to keep your tanks alive while you whittle away on your opponent’s Transformers with Pierce damage and direct damage.

Common Megatron has a built in Pierce 3 that helps you guarantee combat damage consistently.  The rest of the Pierce cards are in the battle deck: Crushing Treads, Thermal Weaponry and The Bigger They Are…

Crushing Treads is a nasty utility for Tanks that gives them Pierce equal to their Defense.  

The Bigger They Are helps your attack even normally but gives a Pierce of 4 if you are attacking someone with more stars than you.

So how does a blue heavy deck guarantee attack damage?
Arcee is holding the answer.

Thermal Weaponry was the only card I did not have in my original list when I started writing this article on December 5th, so shout out to Joe from Wreck ‘n Rule.  This card is nuts in this build since it lets you max your damage output with Pierce.

Now let’s talk about some direct damage

Darkmount is both a high defensive target, a tank, and has a way to turn cards into 2 points of damage.

Clumsy Autobots!

Since One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall is a bit more painful for the low health of this deck, this is the next best direct damage action.

Ride the Airwaves

I ended up adding Armed Hovercraft to the deck an easy way to push direct damage through, pump my tanks attack value, and keep up the blue defensive icons in the deck.  All three tanks in Alt mode have Ranged and Megatron is Ranged in Bot mode, so this fits nicely in the deck.

So why did I run Demolisher here?  My thoughts were that:
1. He’s a Tank and allows me to play an additional Crushing Treads and an additional Hunker Down.
2. He is Ranged in tank mode while Flamewar is not Ranged in either mode.  I certainly want the ability to play as many Armed Hovercraft as possible to maximize extra non combat damage.
3. Unlike Flamewar, Demolisher can draw me cards and I was going through a number of cards during a turn (between flipping Megatron and Darkmount and playing cards).

So if high defensive decks have taken over your metagame, give this a shot.

Until next time,
Decepticon Soundwave