More Than Meets The Eye – Underrated Battle Cards

Decepticon Soundwave back after a short hiatus.

Today I’m going to go over some Battle Cards that seem to be underrated currently, but have potential either as good cards for particular matchups or gain value as the card pool increases.

Combat Training is an interesting upgrade that can slot nicely in to both Bold heavy aggressive decks and Tough heavy defensive decks.  It does require another upgrade on the character to activate, but in upgrade heavy builds, it should be easy to keep active.  Having a white icon is also beneficial for enhancing your attack or defense.

Disarm is a powerful action against upgrade heavy decks.  Bouncing multiple upgrades is a huge setback since it can normally take multiple turns to get those card back into play.  One of the coolest plays I’ve seen with it so far was with a Brainstorm, Disarm, Security Checkpoint.

Photon Bomb can certainly rack up the damage. This is the type of card that is a meta card.  It is designed as a counter to teams that go 4 wide.  There is certainly collateral damage to your characters as well, so the card requires careful play.  I feel that it is also good in a deck with ways to heal multiple characters (Optimus Prime Freedom Fighter, Repair Bay) or pass damage elsewhere (Slipstream, Dinobot Sludge, Dinobot Swoop, Bombing Run).  The other drawback is that it does not have an icon to help you in battle.

Strafing run is another card built for fighting decks that go wide.  This one is easier to manage as it only deals the damage to your opponent’s characters.  The biggest drawback is there is no battle icon.

Of all the cards on here, this one is very interesting.  I completely dismissed this card at first because it had both no battle icons and you had to deal 3 damage to your character.  The reason I keep looking back at this card was because I’ve seen so many games of limited / draft where this card was a game-ender.  It does require careful play, but you can set this up where the character who attacks last takes the damage.  I don’t know if I’d ever run 3 in a deck but I could see 1 or 2 being run in the right meta to KO characters from outta nowhere.

This is the one card that has the most potential on this list.  While the bonus is not quite as good as Leap Into Battle, we are looking to leverage the Pierce 4.  Since the card always gives a +2 attack bonus, it can be included in a lot of decks already just as Leap Into Battle 4 through 6 (particularly in Blue Defensive deck since Supercharge would be useless in that style of deck).  In most decks (3 and 4 character decks), you will get the chance to leverage the Pierce 4 while attacking a character with more stars.  Four guaranteed damage against a character with more stars is ridiculous.

We may be moving this division over to its own brand soon, so stay tuned for that.

Until next time,

Decepticon Soundwave