Toshi Raibo Kotei Season Results

Toshi Ranbo Kotei Results Grand Kotei PAX Unplugged 2017 Phily – Stephen Didion – Crab Clan Kotei Game On 2017 Madrid, Spain – Pablo Pintor Espinosa – Crab Clan / Unicorn Splash Kotei Pax South 2018 – Christopher Pottorf (Frotrop) – Scorpion Clan / Dragon Splash Kotei WarpCon 2018 Cork,…

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Rokugan’s Rebirth

It has been a long wait for this day.  Two years and 24 days or 755 days to be exact.  It seemed like an eternity. As of September 11th 2015, the Collectible Card Game era ended.  I decided to write a final homage to the CCG and 1st through 4th Edition…

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Truly #L5RHonored

A few weeks ago, Fantasy Flight Games held an #L5RHonored contest to invite players to a special event in London on Sept 2nd.  You can find my entry here. I even had some special tweets from folks about my entry: Can’t say enough good things about my former editor’s passion…

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Forever Mantis #L5RHonored

My fascination with the Far East began at an early age.  Saturday mornings were not only for cartoons but also Kung Fu Theater.  While the terribly dubbed movies were certainly out of sync,  it was the action that I was interested in.  After that, I began studying martial arts as…

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Superior Strategist – Grand Master of the Elements

The name Legend of the Five Rings implies the importance of the Five Rings: In the classic L5R, you could win the game via Enlightenment (playing a copy of each ring via its game text), but most decks only played a couple of rings.  This made the name ‘Legend of…

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Superior Strategist – Lion Clan Analysis

Pardon the lateness of the article!  We were ambushed by the Crane! The Lion Clan is traditionally one of the most martially focused clans of the Great Clans of Rokugan, and stand as the Right Hand of the Emperor and lead his armies into war. Where the Crane Clan prefer…

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Superior Strategist – Crane Clan Analysis

The Crane Clan stand as the gatekeepers of culture and civilization in the lore of Legend of the Five Rings.  In the Collectible Card Game, they were most well known for being Left Hand of the Emperor, for hosting some of the premier duelists of the Empire, and as the…

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Gempukku – An Introduction to L5R

With the impending relaunch in sight and the information drop coming on April 19th, I felt it was time to begin a new recruitment article.  This article is for those who have never heard of Legend of the Five Rings before. Note: I have no advanced knowledge of Fantasy Flight…

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Kolat Information Network – L5R LCG News from GAMA day 1

The Empire cannot escape the Kolat Information Network. Today at GAMA, many companies came to talk about their products for release this year. Notes were transposed by Josh Fohrman, who was at the event: We bought this property for more than just doing a card game. – Steve Horvath “Players…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 11 – Dawn of a New Age

Today marks the anniversary of the launch of the Kolat Information Network.

Has it really been 6 years?  I honestly can’t believe it.  I’m humbled that you have made the Kolat Information Network your source for L5R news.

The last year and a half have been hard with the absence of the game in the limelight, but that all changes soon.

In this episode of The Oni’s Eye, we discuss the new image found with only 7 Clan Mons, the tweets from Steve Horvath, and the GAMA schedule where the first potential game spoilers could be dropped by Fantasy Flight Games.