Should We Take A Cue From The Star Wars CCG Player Committee?

With the death of the L5R CCG by AEG, I have had a thought recently about how to continue this version.  Obviously, with AEG no longer having rights to the IP and FFG stating to the effect that the game will change under there watch, normally this would be the …

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A Deathseeker and a Legend?: Let the rumors begin

The Kolat have kept their eyes and ears open. So there have been much news today.  Rumors that could be very interesting: Dave Williams, designer of the original L5R, LBS, and 7th Sea, left his job at Red 5 Studios, creator of Firefall, to start “an exciting new venture” Andy …

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Revere the Past: How to Keep L5R CCG Going

With the sale of L5R IP to FFG complete, we have about 12K to do something with. There are many formats for L5R for all of those cards that we now have lying around. Arc Formats The game went through many story arcs.  Each arc was its own constructed format.  Each format …

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End of an Era & Start Anew

I’m sure by now everyone has heard the news of FFG purchase of the L5R IP from AEG. With the announcement that FFG will be changing how the game works, the CCG is now history.  The game itself will never be the same.  That being said, I first want to …

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Fantasy Flight Games Acquires Legend of the Five Rings

I come with news I did not expect to be making today: Alderac Entertainment Group has sold the Legend of the Five Rings to Fantasy Flight Games. Announcement from AEG here. Announcement from FFG here. FFG’s Legend of the Five Rings LCG will debut at GenCon Indy 2017. This will …

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2015 The Thirteenth Black Scroll

The finals were between Issac Cynova (Mantis w/ Shika Sensei) vs. James Matthews (Phoenix).  Both players knew each other and their friendly and humorous banter between the two during the Finals made it very funny to watch. The Banter between the two made it seem like the game was between …

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Journal of the Tiger: Recaps each day at Gen*Con 2015

I will be doing a report each night and posting them along with photos. I am also going to do some recording as well. To all those who plan on making the journey, see you at Gen*Con!

6th Ring Gencon Announcement

Hello L5Rers! My name is Simon Copp and I am a member of the 6th Ring stream team. The 6th Ring was created in 2012 by Frank Kallal and Josh Kolb to engage the wider community by broadcasting events they were running or attending. Over time the team has grown …

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Top 20 Personalities in Rokugan Lore: Number 2

Well, we’ve come to our last two personalities and what a couple of bad @$$ personalities we have for you at the top. Number 2 is a descendant of an Emperor. The young man was kidnapped even before he was born while still in his mother’s womb by a cult …

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Top 20 Personalities in Rokugan Lore: Number 3

Then there were 3. Number 3 was apart of more schemes than the Kolat. 😉 Her beauty was only trumped by her cunning and her courage at the Second Day of Thunder. She was twice the Empress of Rokugan and Lover of Doji Hoturi. She is Bayushi Kachiko