Kolat Information Network: Exclusive Aftermath Previews

After many attempts of attempting to infiltrate the Scorpion within the Imperial City, our agents have done so.  Today we bring you our first two exclusive previews, courtesy of agents Nicolas Bongiu and Seth Anthony (thank you guys!) As a Kolat agent, it is important to understand the use of…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 2 – Kolat’s Favor

In Episode #2, Brad sits down with the L5R Community Manager, Seth Anthony.  I wanted to let the players get to know Seth better (how he got into L5R, favorite clan, favorite personality, etc). Also, this episode was about what Seth does for AEG and what he does for the players and retailers.  (Hint: He’s a Kolat double agent) 😀

Seth also brings us some information previously unknown to the masses.

The Tiger Championship

The Empire decided not to allow The Kolat Informant to have an ‘official’ Winter Court event this year. The Tiger decided that we would have our own. A tournament series was created to honor our friends among the Kolat.  The events are for the months of October, November and December…

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Kolat Information Network: New Promos Found

I received word today from my agent in Europe, Yogo Efe, that he has found some promos that have not (yet) been listed in the Oracle of the Void.  He obtained these 3 promo cards from one of the TO in Spain: The first two promos have a legality date…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 1 – A Kolat Revealed

Sorry on the delay of the podcast folks.


In Episode #1, we reveal ourselves to the masses.  Brad sits down with the lead designer of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Bryan Reese, to talk about the Ivory Edition design diaries. Included are your submitted questions as well as various questions I had as well.  I try to give you, the listener, more insight into the playtest process as well as the design process with my questions.

Also, we, um, extracted a couple of informational spoilers out of Bryan in this episode as well. Must have been too much sake.

Kolat Information Network: Alternate Art Sneak Attack Promo

Kolat_Information_NetworkWhile checking out the updated Oracle of the Void today, I stumbled upon this promo:



Sneak AttackI have never seen this artwork before (Shen Fei piece is amazing) and it has the Ivory Edition wording despite only having the Emperor Edition bug.  Does anyone have a copy of this promo yet?


Kage Sensei: The L5R Draft Format

Legend of the FIve Rings was originally designed as a constructed game and occasionally you could play sealed deck.  The sealed deck format however had the issue that there was typically one clan stronghold better than another and that lead to some mixed feelings. With the end of the overpowered…

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GenCon Events Update

Our spies have hastened back from the Imperial Palace with news about the GenCon events. Two decent story prizes for the intrepid Samurai that wins big for his clan. Look for a discussion about the Shiro Big Deck format in the coming weeks. Until then, remember “There is no escape…

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