Final Haiku: A Gift from the L5R Story Team

For L5Rers out there: The Story Team has put together one final batch of fics as a gift to all of you. This fiction package is up at for now, and will be going up on Kaze No Shiro for long term storage once we work out some technical…

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Clan Letter: The Mantis Clan TNO

Samurai of Rokugan & the Colonies, We warned you that it would come to this. The other Great Clans have little place in the Colonies. You are ill suited to the rigors of this bold new world. The Mantis have been conditioned by a thousand years of freedom spent on…

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New Imperial Herald Mailing: Update 5/9

Our agents intercepted this message over on the L5R Facebook page from Frank Kallal about a new Imperial Herald mailing that he received: UPDATE: Cards become legal on June 1st

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 2 – Kolat’s Favor

In Episode #2, Brad sits down with the L5R Community Manager, Seth Anthony.  I wanted to let the players get to know Seth better (how he got into L5R, favorite clan, favorite personality, etc). Also, this episode was about what Seth does for AEG and what he does for the players and retailers.  (Hint: He’s a Kolat double agent) 😀

Seth also brings us some information previously unknown to the masses.

IA 10K Letter

I have taken the liberty of scanning the accompanying letter that came with the IA 10K cards.  Here is the scan below, detailing something quite exciting for the Ivory Arc: ‘

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Contents of the IA package

I would like to thank Zak Whyte (@zakman86) for this information (Updated with images at 4:52 PM CST) EE Legal only cards Tamahime (3x)3F/3C0HR/6GC/2PHRonin – Samurai – Sensei – TacticianAfter Tamahime enters play: Discard all your other Sensei Personalities.Your other Ronin Personalities have Tactician. Tamahime5F/3C2HR/7GC/3PHRonin – Samurai – Sensei –…

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Blog Updates and Kolat Recruiting

Guys, I want to apologize about the lack of main page updates lately.  School has really taken its toll on me. Fear not, as I am working on updating the graphics again. I’m also looking to recruit several L5R players to join the blog. Things that I’m looking for: Passionate about Legend…

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Emperor Arc Bannings

I was alerted by one of my informants this morning to the following message issued by the Imperial Palace: Every once in a while, corrective measures need to be taken in order to correct problems in the environment. The current environment has some problems, speed being one of them, that…

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