Kage Sensei: Designing a Kenjutsu Kata

With our new downtime in L5R, I thought it was time to talk more about Kenjutsu Kata (also known as L5R cube) design and drafting.  We have so many cards now that are now obsolete, we need a good use for them.  Today’s lesson is about how to design your…

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Top 20 Reprints in Twenty Festivals

Well chosen reprints are the heart of every base edition (and now large midpoint edition). Twenty Festivals seems to be no exception to that rule.  There were over 200 cards that were reprinted in Twenty Festivals.  Each of those cards filled a particular role (whether that was draft or constructed). …

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How to Play L5R

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now but it looks like Bryan Reese and the guys at AEG have finally posted a couple of Learn to Play videos. The basic video: The advanced rules:

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Kage Sensei: Understanding Metagaming in L5R

With Kotei season about to begin, I though this would be a good lesson to talk about for those players wanting to move up from casual level to competitive level. L5R is a complex game but understanding metagaming is a lesson on its own.

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Streaming Issues, Looking for More Contributors, and My Current Agenda

Streaming Issues As you may well know, I have not been streaming as of late.  There have been several reasons for that.  The first problem (and biggest problem) is the system I’m using.  The laptop that I have was not designed for gaming and it takes up too many resources…

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From the Sensei: Mantis Strategy for The New Order

by Julien Boles Unlike most of my esteemed colleagues in the Design Team, I never was a great tournament player before joining the team. Though I did win the occasional small tournaments here and there and often made Top 32/16, I have no big title to my pedigree. One of…

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Most Hated L5R CCG Personality: Number 8

Most Hated L5R CCG Personalities Number 20 Number 19 Number 18 & 17 Number 16 Number 15 Number 14 Number 13 Number 12 Number 11 Number 10 Number 9 Today’s additions include a Kolat, a Monk, a Shadow, and one of the toughest Crab I’ve ever seen. What happens when you…

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Most Hated L5R CCG Personality Countdown Page

Who is the most hated L5R personality? You voted, we reveal! Visit the links below to find out!

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 8 & 9 – ALitS Set Review

Anthony Ngo and I recorded this episode several days ago as a video however I was having trouble with the sound syncing with the video for some reason so for the time being I’m releasing it as 2 Podcast episodes.  Also I know that our non-North American listeners don’t always have the best internet, so this should work out better for them as well.

Part 1

Part 2

Gempukku Series: An Introduction to Deck Building

Article Submitted by Tony Clayton Before we start, I will first link to a few articles from Strange Assembly’s Newbie Corner series.  These articles all deal with significant parts of the game and are worth a read for any new players as they cover key topics and strategic concepts that…

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