Subversive Influence: Storied Past and New Traditions

The topic I chose for today is very relevant to L5R situation, considering the changes that are happening between Emperor Arc and Ivory Arc.  I have heard players on both sides of the argument that are passionate about the old game (these are those who don’t like change) and the…

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Subversive Influence: L5R – An Extraordinary Game



This video was created by Jack Harkless, a student in Pennsylvania for his Senior Comp class. This is a documentary about the game that we are all passionate about.  It is always hard to put into words what the game, the players, and the community as a whole.  This documentary sums it up nicely.

If you want a good video to explain the camaraderie and passion of L5R, this is it:



Subversive Influence: Semi-Ivory Demo Decks

  So, I realize that there are a lot of players have been nervous about the upcoming changes (that we are aware of) when it comes to Ivory Edition.  I also know that players are quite sick of the Emperor Arc at this point.  So, the Kolat, come with gifts…

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Subversive Influences: Top 10 Emperor Arc Cards

Few arcs in the game’s history have had it’s share of environment shifting cards like Emperor Arc did.  I played through Lotus and Jade as well, so I have seen my share of overpowered / broken cards.  Whether the cards were horribly designed, not properly tested, or both isn’t up…

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GenCon 2011: Bounty for the Imperial Governor

Today, the Kolat have decided to get involved in the Colonies and are seeking the position of Imperial Governor.  As I am unable to attend myself, a bounty is to be offered to the winner of the GenCon 2011 main event for the following: The amount of $500 if the…

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Celestial Disfavor

  While I have been a long time fan of Legends of the Five Rings CCG, there are a few things that bothered me during this Arc: The Celestial Name As a Kolat, this obviously bothered me. The age of man came to a crashing halt at the end of…

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Celestial Favor

While the Celestial Arc has not been my favorite arc, it has produced some great building blocks for the future: Tournament Balance This is one of the things that I think DT got right. Every clan has at least 1 tournament playable deck this arc, most have 2, and some…

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