L5R Gempukku Series: Dirty Koku

With AEG and DT goal of making Ivory more accessible and easier to learn, I have decided to start the gempukku series.  The goal of the series is to introduce the basic lessons to help new and inexperienced players valuable tools to get better. My first topic is one of…

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Why I Play Legend of the Five Rings

I have playing collectible card games for 18 years, which is half of my life (Damn, I’m old).  I’ve played more CCG’s than most geeks (around 30 different ones).  I’ve played several at the semi competitive (MTG, WoW TCG, Star Wars TCG, WWE Raw Deal, Vs. System) and competitive levels (Lord…

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Subversive Influence: Storied Past and New Traditions

The topic I chose for today is very relevant to L5R situation, considering the changes that are happening between Emperor Arc and Ivory Arc.  I have heard players on both sides of the argument that are passionate about the old game (these are those who don’t like change) and the…

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Subversive Influence: L5R – An Extraordinary Game



This video was created by Jack Harkless, a student in Pennsylvania for his Senior Comp class. This is a documentary about the game that we are all passionate about.  It is always hard to put into words what the game, the players, and the community as a whole.  This documentary sums it up nicely.

If you want a good video to explain the camaraderie and passion of L5R, this is it:



Subversive Influence: Semi-Ivory Demo Decks

  So, I realize that there are a lot of players have been nervous about the upcoming changes (that we are aware of) when it comes to Ivory Edition.  I also know that players are quite sick of the Emperor Arc at this point.  So, the Kolat, come with gifts…

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Subversive Influences: Top 10 Emperor Arc Cards

Few arcs in the game’s history have had it’s share of environment shifting cards like Emperor Arc did.  I played through Lotus and Jade as well, so I have seen my share of overpowered / broken cards.  Whether the cards were horribly designed, not properly tested, or both isn’t up…

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GenCon 2011: Bounty for the Imperial Governor

Today, the Kolat have decided to get involved in the Colonies and are seeking the position of Imperial Governor.  As I am unable to attend myself, a bounty is to be offered to the winner of the GenCon 2011 main event for the following: The amount of $500 if the…

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Celestial Disfavor

  While I have been a long time fan of Legends of the Five Rings CCG, there are a few things that bothered me during this Arc: The Celestial Name As a Kolat, this obviously bothered me. The age of man came to a crashing halt at the end of…

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Celestial Favor

While the Celestial Arc has not been my favorite arc, it has produced some great building blocks for the future: Tournament Balance This is one of the things that I think DT got right. Every clan has at least 1 tournament playable deck this arc, most have 2, and some…

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