We Need Your Help To Make It To Gen*Con

Yoritomo Raiden, founder of the Kolat Informant blog, The Oni’s Eye podcast, and the Gomorra Dispatch wants to be apart of Gen*Con 2014 for the L5R North American championships and the launch of Doomtown: Reloaded this year.  I would also be going to get several interviews for the podcast and…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 5 – The Scorpion’s Sting

It has been a while since our last audio episode, something I plan on correcting as we go forward.

In this episode, we introduce a new member to the team, Casey Smith.  Casey and I discuss the Ivory changes, story, our favorites through L5R history, and talk about the first 3 weeks of the Kotei Season.

Year 4 of the Tiger

215,263 is a lot of hits in 3 years.  The L5R community continues to amaze.  Thank you. Broken Promises Part of my goal this past year was to add more writers to the blog.  While I did add more people, the content from them was few and far between.  This will…

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The Oni’s Eye – Ivory Edition Dynasty Review

Please ignore the length of the video as it is not that long.
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2014 Kotei & Podcast News

2014 Kotei News John Seals attempted to post pictures of several items that are to be given away at the Kotei this season. Participation: half a Foil Common Set from Ivory (first 56 cards in early season, last 56 in later) Top of Clan: Foil Stronghold for your clan Top…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 4 – Aftermath Part 2

Sorry for the delay folks!

Michael Urbi is back on this episode to finish the review of the Aftermath set

The Oni’s Eye – Episode 3 – Aftermath Part 1

So I had promised a set review for Aftermath.  We got a little carried away, so I have had to split the episode into two parts for time reasons.  We try to go into depth about each card so that new players will understand.  Also, for these reason, we only talk about the cards from an Ivory perspective, both constructed and draft.

Kolat Information Network: Website Updates

  I would like to apologize for the lack of main page updates in the last couple of weeks. My plan was to have Dan Dineen, L5R Major Events Manager, on for episode 3 of The Oni’s Eye Podcast, however Dan is working on some thinks that are key to…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 2 – Kolat’s Favor

In Episode #2, Brad sits down with the L5R Community Manager, Seth Anthony.  I wanted to let the players get to know Seth better (how he got into L5R, favorite clan, favorite personality, etc). Also, this episode was about what Seth does for AEG and what he does for the players and retailers.  (Hint: He’s a Kolat double agent) 😀

Seth also brings us some information previously unknown to the masses.

The Oni’s Eye – Episode 1 – A Kolat Revealed

Sorry on the delay of the podcast folks.


In Episode #1, we reveal ourselves to the masses.  Brad sits down with the lead designer of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Bryan Reese, to talk about the Ivory Edition design diaries. Included are your submitted questions as well as various questions I had as well.  I try to give you, the listener, more insight into the playtest process as well as the design process with my questions.

Also, we, um, extracted a couple of informational spoilers out of Bryan in this episode as well. Must have been too much sake.