Revere the Past: Aftermath

The last expansion of the Emperor and Ivory dual bugged sets concludes the powerful remainder of the Emperor arc. Note: I am not covering cards that have been officially spoiled as part of 20 Festivals (aka the cards from The Currency of War) since they will never actually leave the environment.…

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The Oni’s Eye – Episode 4 – Aftermath Part 2

Sorry for the delay folks!

Michael Urbi is back on this episode to finish the review of the Aftermath set

The Oni’s Eye – Episode 3 – Aftermath Part 1

So I had promised a set review for Aftermath.  We got a little carried away, so I have had to split the episode into two parts for time reasons.  We try to go into depth about each card so that new players will understand.  Also, for these reason, we only talk about the cards from an Ivory perspective, both constructed and draft.

Kolat Information Network: Website Updates

  I would like to apologize for the lack of main page updates in the last couple of weeks. My plan was to have Dan Dineen, L5R Major Events Manager, on for episode 3 of The Oni’s Eye Podcast, however Dan is working on some thinks that are key to…

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Kolat Information Network: Exclusive Aftermath Previews

After many attempts of attempting to infiltrate the Scorpion within the Imperial City, our agents have done so.  Today we bring you our first two exclusive previews, courtesy of agents Nicolas Bongiu and Seth Anthony (thank you guys!) As a Kolat agent, it is important to understand the use of…

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